Nine legitimate ways to enjoy free samples online

Who doesn’t love a freebie? In this article we explore nine legitimate ways to enjoy free samples online.

Free samples are a win-win for customers and businesses. For customers they can get their chance to try a new products without needing to make a purchase. And for businesses, free samples are a great way to get their products directly into the hands of consumers’ hands, with the hope they’ll love it so much they’ll go on to make a purchase. Delighting people with freebies is also great for brand loyalty!

But as a customer how can you find free samples online? The good news today is that there are plenty of legitimate websites that collect free sample offers (see below for how to avoid free sample scams). Here are nine ideas to help you find freebies you want.

1) Women Freebies

Women Freebies offers a variety of freebies. Their categories include:

  • Baby Freebies
  • Beauty Freebies
  • Book Freebies
  • Fashion Freebies
  • Feminine Freebies
  • Food Freebies
  • Free Stuff
  • Hair Freebies
  • Health Freebies
  • Household Freebies
  • Kids Freebies
  • Perfume Freebies
  • Pet Freebies
  • Skincare Freebies
  • Recipe Freebies

You can use the site to find coupons for free deals or enter their monthly contest to win more substantial freebies.

2) Internet Steals and Deals

Internet Steals and Deals is run by a woman called Becky who personally combs the internet for the best free samples. The freebies on her site range from shampoo and makeup to home decor and baby products, and none require you to complete a survey.

3) Sample a Day

Two guys called Nick and Scott run a site called Sample A Day which provide you with direct links to companies you like that are currently offering freebies.

4) Love Free Things

Love Free Things, meanwhile, links has been directly linking consumers to companies for freebies like free perfume, magazine subscriptions and skin care products since 2006.

5) Yo! Free Samples

Yo! Free Samples shares freebies as well as a huge number of Amazon Promos that actually work. For example, at time of writing they were offering an incredible 3,956 Amazon Promo Codes. To find the deal you want, you just need to type a product like “makeup” and the list will automatically update your Amazon promo codes.

6) Freeflys

Freeflys sends email alerts to let you know about free sample offers as they happen. You can also search for specific products on their website using the search function.

7) Tryspree

Tryspree is a forum community dedicated to finding and reviewing free samples. Community members share offers they find for you to click on. There are a wide variety of offers to browse and they are updated daily.

8) My Free Product Samples

My Free Product Samples offers a broad range of free products, sweepstakes, coupons and great deals and is refreshed daily. Their current offers include everything from laundry detergent and protein yoghurt, to bras and an eye exam!

9) PINCHme

With PINCHme you receive free samples by mail (with no postage charges). You need to fill in a quick survey which helps to work out the kind of samples you actually want. You can then choose the free samples you’d like to receive.

How to avoid falling for free sample scams

However as tempting as a freebie may be, there are times when you need to look a gift horse in the mouth and say no. Some ‘free sample’ offers are in fact just a scam, designed to tempt you with something free, only to leave you exposed.

So to help you avoid being disappointed, here’s what to look out for when hunting for freebies.

Pay the postage and get your freebie scams

Asking you to pay the postage fee for a freebie is a common online scam. How? It seems harmless enough – even reasonable – to ask you to cover a modest postage fee (the fee is usually very low) using your credit or debit card. However, the unscrupulous company now has your bank details which they can use later on to withdraw larger sums of money from your account.

Freebie click bait scams

Another common way some companies use to dupe consumers is to post ads for freebie on websites and on social media that promise e free sample if you click on them. However, when you click on the ads you can be taken to a scammer’s website, which puts your computer at risk of malware infection. Often these scammers use well known brand names for their freebies to make their ‘offers’ look legitimate.

Do some due diligence before clicking

The good news is that with just a small amount of due diligence you can avoid scams like these. So make sore that you ready any terms and conditions before you claim a free sample. Also never pay for a ‘freebie’ and don’t give out your bank details (this includes debit or credit card numbers). And finally, ask yourself it feels too good to be true. Most free samples aren’t worth much money, so if you’ve been offered something of value, it could be a scam.

Be discerning about the freebies you claim

And finally, don’t simply claim every freebie out there. The more free samples you claim, the more you open yourself up to accidentally clicking on something you shouldn’t – and the more likely it is you’ll end up with a home full of unwanted samples! Instead think whether the free sample is something you actually want and will use. If yes, great – go ahead and claim it (as long as you have done your due diligence on the offer). If not, maybe let this one pas this time.

What freebies can you find?

Finding a free sample of a product you love feels like a real win. As does discovering a brand new product that’s destined to become a go-to favourite via a free sample. So if you love a bargain (and what can be more of a bargain than something you want that is free?!) then we hope you find the ideas in this article helpful.

Just make sure you follow the advice above and ensure you only claim freebies from reputable websites and companies. Otherwise you could pay dearly for your ‘free’ sample. Happy freebie hunting!