Nine Instagram tactics you to use to grow your followers

Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social platforms for businesses. But it’s also increasingly competitive – making it harder for small businesses to make an impact.

That is, unless you have a defined and well-researched strategy. By implementing the right tactics, you can get the attention of your ideal customers, encourage them to follow you and engage with your content, and even move them from the platform to your website – and convert them to customers or clients.

To help you work out the best way to achieve this, here are nine Instagram tactics that will help you to gain followers.

1) Use IGTV as often as possible

IGTV is a popular Instagram feature for 2020, and it can provide several benefits for your business.

There are many creative ways you can use IGTV ro engage your audience. It offers extended video time, which enables you to share insights into your business and behind the scenes glimpses, official events or even sneak peeks of future products or services.

2) Reach out to micro-influencers

Forget big name Instagram influencers. Studies show that the best Instagram tactic for 2020 is reaching out to micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are more accessible (and affordable!) and often have a more loyal, niche audience. So while your reach in terms of numbers may be smaller, your proportional impact and value may be greater.

3) Share a powerful message in your captions

Instagram may be a visual platform, but the words you use are just as important as your images and videos. Market data from 2019 suggests that adding a longer caption to your post can offer additional advantages for your brand.

So make the most of the space to convey your message and build the know, like trust factor. Ensure that your captions are engaging and relatable and bring your images to life.

4) Treat your Instagram account like your homepage

According to experts, your business account on Instagram acts in a similar way to your website’s homepage. This means that your digital marketing strategy for 2020 should focus on how your business is showcased on this visual platform.

Not only will the right strategy help you to gain new followers, it can even redirect your audience to your website. 

Bear in mind that many customers may first come across your business on Instagram – so your profile is where they’re forming their first impression of you and what you do. So make sure it looks professional and is useful for your audience.

Your bio must be compelling and original, while your Stories highlights must reveal in-depth information about your brand.

5) Use authenticity to your advantage, and don’t be shy to share selfies

People like authenticity – and Instagram is no different. So help people get to know the real ‘you’ through behind the scenes videos (Stories are especially popular) and selfies.

Bear in mind that people want to learn more about the story behind the brand, as well as the person or people providing the products or services.

6) Create a branded hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to gain exposure for your business on Instagram. So as well as using the right one to help people find your posts, you can create a unique, branded hashtag to raise awareness of your business and what you stand for.

Studies show this approach can help to build a powerful Instagram community, which will boost your account visibility and engagement.

A branded hashtag often contains a unique keyword for your brand and your business name. Or you can come up with and own a powerful hashtag that has nothing in common with your brand’s name, but it underlines your identity or values.

7) Craft a unique filter for your brand’s Stories

For several months now, we’ve seen a boom in using Augmented Reality or AR as the main feature of Instagram. The main advantage of this is that it allows you to set up a customized Instagram Stories filter, which your followers can use. This can increase your engagement rate, as it is a playful and attractive way to interact with a brand.

8) Consider sharing memes for your audience

Instagram memes have been used effectively by businesses to quickly boost their followers’. Memes are popular online content that is easily shared between users. Usually, memes are funny or well-served (or both) and often they trigger some emotional response.

It’s been shown that mixing text with visual cues can make followers share or repost your content more often.

9) Don’t forget about paid services

Some businesses add to the strategies above by using paid services, like to buy high quality followers. You can also use websites like SmmRank and make the most of their helpful tools and valuable information.  

Instagram is an important social platform for many businesses today, and if you want to reap the rewards, you need to invest time and effort into it.

You need to create exciting content that your ideal audience will connect and engage with, and present your brand appropriately. We hope these tactics give you some ideas to try.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz