Nine healthy and tasty meal ideas for students

Your college years are usually some of the most transformative of your life. Not only do you learn a world of new knowledge and skills on your course, but you go from living at home with your family, to living independently away from home.

You also, probably for the first time, need to prepare all your own meals yourself. So not only do you need to excel in your studies, in exemplification essay writing and more, but you need to get good at planning, shopping for and preparing delicious and healthy meals for yourself.

If not, you could find yourself relying on expensive (and often unhealthy) takeaways and ready meals, which won’t help either your college budget or your energy levels. To help you prepare easy meals that taste as good as they look (and boost your wellbeing too) we’ve come up with nine quick meal ideas for you.

We don’t share the recipes here, but a quick Google search will help you find different suggestions on how to prepare and cook each of these ideas. We hope you enjoy trying them!

1) Roasted aubergine and tomato curry

The partnership of vegetables and rice form the basis of many a healthy and delicious dish. And this one is no exception to that rule! It’s also great for vegans and promises to save you lots of time. All you need to do is to boil some rice, slice and cook vegetables, mixing them with the sauce, and that’s it. As a bonus, this dish is easy to freeze, so you can use it as a quick midweek meal.

2) Cauli-kale sausage bake

Instead of going to fast-food restaurants to quell your hunger, spend 30 minutes in your kitchen, and you’ll have a healthy dish to enjoy. To impress your housemates and staying within your student budget, all you need is to find some cauliflower and sausages.

Even those who aren’t keen on broccoli and cauliflowers often find this dish tasty. Hot bubbling cheese added on top makes it look deliciously amazing.

3) Cheesy ham and broccoli pasta

If your student diet is mainly pasta-based you may be looking for recipes to mix it up a bit. And this recipe will help diversity your diet. Take the pasta of your choice and mix it with cheese with chunks of ham, adding a bit of broccoli as well. Or you can focus more on the green side and make the dish broccoli-based.

4) Risotto with chilli and mint crumbs

This dish will easily take you less than 40 minutes to cook. However, it will provide you with enough energy and inspiration to work on your poem analysis essay examples or any other assignment that needs to be in the best day!

This dish is great for an energy boost, and is nutritious and healthy, with all-natural ingredients. It’s also easy to cook which can quickly make it a staple in your cooking repertoire.

5) Morning oats

Instead of eating corn flakes with milk, why not prepare oats with different toppings? On the town, oats may not sounds as appealing as corn flakes, but with fresh berries, some nuts and even a dash of yoghurt and honey they can make a delicious, healthy breakfast.

It takes just five minutes to microwave your porridge and less than a minute to wash and slice some fruit. The boost your health gets, however, is hard to measure.

6) Tuna and egg salad

If you add a bit of love to every dish you cook, even the simplest one becomes a masterpiece. And this is a dish that absolutely proves this point.

All you need is some greens, a hard-boiled egg, and canned tuna to prepare it. Dress your salad with some Greek yogurt, and you’ve got a perfect lunch for you and your friends. A lunch that looks and tastes great and is packed with nutrients.

7) Sesame ramen

If you are a ramen fan, you can master cooking this dish at home and expect it to be both healthy and tasty. Cheap and low in fat, this ramen will make you very popular with your friends! The best thing about this dish is that it takes only 15 minutes to cook. We bet you wish your critical lens essays could be written as fast as this ramen is prepared!

8) Lentil ragu

While ragu has always been known as a healthy dish, often made entirely of vegetables, many people don’t like cooking it because of the time it takes. However, lentil ragu is an easy and delicious ragu that you can easily prepare on a low budget.

Yes, it still takes one hour and a half before you can taste it. However, thanks to modern ovens and microwaves, your contribution to the cooking process does not take more than 20 minutes. In the end, you get a healthy and tasty meal that will please everyone.

9) Linguine with avocado, tomato and lime

If you like dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, this low-calorie vegan linguine could be one of the best meals you can cook. It can be served cold or as a pasta salad. Most importantly, it’s healthy and delivers on flavor. It won’t take you long to prepare this guacamole-like meal as well.

Make time to book delicious, healthy meals

It’s easy to forget about a healthy diet when you’re a student. However, if you dedicate a little more time to cooking simple but healthy and delicious meals, you will significantly contribute to your overall wellbeing. So please do try some of the dishes mentioned above and enjoy them!