New engagement trends sweeping the country

Every year, more than 200,000 people get married in the UK. Find out about the latest engagement trend sweeping the nation.

When a couple gets engaged, there is often a big celebration. This year, partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been some changes to trends for wedding proposals and engagement parties.

People are steering away from big, brash engagement events. Instead, intimate gatherings with close family and friends are becoming more popular, and people are getting creative when it comes to popping the big question.

They are also choosing less extravagant engagement rings, instead taking inspiration from vintage jewellery. The priority is about celebrating the one thing that truly matters – love. 

The proposal

It’s no surprise that this year, in times of quarantine, people have become far more creative when it comes to proposing – and the preferred method of choice? It’s Zoom, of course.

There are some wonderful advantages to having a video streamed proposal – you can share your big moment with friends and family all over the world, and that’s exactly what Irishman Bobby Maloney did. He was living in Abu Dhabi, and his fiancee Nessa was working as a lieutenant commander over 6,000 miles away with the Irish Naval Service in Cork.

After asking her parent’s blessing, Bobby proposed during their weekly Zoom family quiz. He’d even had special slides made up asking for her hand in marriage. 

The engagement ring

An engagement ring is an important symbol of the promise that you are going to make to one another. It doesn’t just have to be the traditional solitaire diamond though. Having a ring made to your own design using a precious stone that has sentimental meaning is extremely popular this year.

 Meghan Markle’s engagement ring included two diamonds that came from Princess Diana’s personal collection, and another diamond that the couple bought from Botswana.  

Vintage-inspired is very on trend for an engagement ring, looking back to Art Deco styles from 100 years ago, and using coloured precious stones like emeralds and rubies. 

The engagement party

Many couples like to celebrate their engagement by having a party to celebrate with family and friends. This year, due to coronavirus restrictions, informal gatherings outside are on trend.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t be truly special though. You can enjoy an intimate and special day without the stress (or cost) of a big extravagant party. Choose your favourite scenic place for a luxury picnic, whether it’s on the beach or in a beautiful meadow, and have your  picnic baskets filled with delicious treats and personalised gifts for your guests.

An informal garden barbecue is also a popular choice. It doesn’t have to be basic burgers in buns though. On each table, place a Japanese yakitori grill, and offer a selection of tasty, marinated meats, fish and vegetables. Your guests will enjoy cooking their own meals to perfection, and it will make it a very sociable and fun occasion. 

The most important thing about your engagement is that it is personal and unique to you. Something close to your heart will be remembered forever, no matter what it is.