Need a proper break? How to plan a tech-free vacation – infographic

As the summer holidays fast approach, many of you will be getting ready for a much-needed break. But will it REALLY be a ‘proper’ break from work?

Increasingly, we take the stresses of our work or business and everyday life with us when we get away via our many devices – laptops, mobiles and tablets.

So this year we have an alternative holiday suggestion for you, courtesy of Modis – a tech-free vacation! And to help convince you, they’ve created a handy infographic highlighting the benefits.

How to go tech-free this holiday

But how do you suddenly go tech-free when the rest of the year you’re attached to some kind of device virtually 24/7? It may feel easier to give up coffee or wine than contemplate going without instant access to news, social media and email.

To make the idea of a tech-free vacation easier, here are some tips to help you prepare for it:

  • Start weaning yourself off tech dependence early – leave your phone behind for outings and try not to tech multi-task in your spare time. TV, smartphone AND tablet all at once? We think not. Unwind and choose a single tech toy to experience during your free time the week prior to your tech free vacation.
  • Take an emergency device – pick one or two strategic, necessary devices to take with you on your trip (for emergency use only!).
  • Tell the kids – break it to your kids that they need to leave their phones and other devices behind, and institute a no-texting policy.
  • Tell everyone it’s tech-free time – post it on Facebook, send your love to your friends and then follow-up upon your return with an amazing digital album of all of your adventures.
  • Choose a tech-free friendly holiday location – so even if you’re tempted to break your self-imposed ban, the lack of reception and WiFi means you can’t!
  • Make sure you enjoy your break – plan family activities and outings and relish in the down time together. Rediscover old favourites like card and board games and jigsaw. Who knows, you may have so much fun that you decide extend your tech-free time to weekends at home in future.

The pros of a tech-free vacation – infographic

Original source for infographic.