Mums work 28 hours a week at home as well as job

Ever wondered why you felt so exhausted most of the time? Well if you’re a working mum it’s because as well as your ‘official’ working week you could well be working an extra 28 hours at home.

A study of 2,000 women by the cold remedy Kaloba found that mothers spent an average of 28 hours and nine minutes a week on housework, cooking, food shopping, childcare, ferrying children around, looking after pets and helping with homework. Add this to an average full time job and many mums find themselves working an exhausting 65 hour week.

And given that 92% of women think that being a mother is a full time job in itself, it’s no wonder that working mums feel tired and run down on occasion.A spokesman for Kaloba said:

“Mums have to work so hard to keep everyone in the family happy, but it’s amazing to see exactly how many hours they have to put in.

There are so many different tasks to carry out on a daily or weekly basis, and a huge percentage are doing this on top of a paid job of some form.

It makes you wonder where families would be without a mother doing what they do.”

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