Moving home? How to personalise your new home and make it your own

Moving home can be a difficult time, especially if the move was forced upon you. But with some quick personalisation, your new place will soon feel like home to you.

Anyone can move into a new house or flat. But turning that property into a home your love and want to come back to can take time and skill.

So, once you’ve dealt with the logistics of your move – arranging movers, transferring bills and rearranging furniture, here are some quick tips to help you put your stamp on your new home.

Make a new home for your treasured possessions

A home move signifies a fresh start – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to carry your favourite moments with you.

Make your new home feel more ‘yours’ by finding a new place to store your treasured trinkets and memorabilia (such as inside a roomy wardrobe like these from the Cotswold Co.). And make sure your favourite photos and ornaments are proudly on display.

Revisit your favourite memories

One easy way to put a positive, personal stamp on a new home is to take out all your favourite possessions and photos (made easier after a move) and reminisce about the time they remind you of. (A rainy, wintry afternoon is the perfect excuse for this activity.)

De-clutter as you unpack

It’s all too easy to lug baggage through our life, and a fresh start in a new home is the perfect excuse to get tough with yourself and de-clutter.

As you’re unpacking items from your boxes and look for a new home for them, really assess whether they genuinely have a place in your life. Are they practical or sentimental? And how would you have felt if they’d been lost or broken in the move?

When you keep fewer items, you give them more space and meaning. You can read here how minimising your life can actually increase happiness.

Play around with your style

It’s easy to become stale when it comes to style. So before you put a permanent mark or settle properly into your new home, why not head to the shops and pick up a stack of style magazines? Or head to sites like Pinterest and Instagram to see how others have personalised their homes?

It can be exciting to start to consider styling your home just as you like, but it can also make you a little nervous. Especially when you start to look at the financial side of things.

However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on renovations, you can easily look at house improvement on a budget to be able to bring your vision to life. The more you focus on the things you like, hunt out the bargains and even attempt some DIY jobs yourself, the happier you will feel and a sense of achievement that your house has become your home.

What looks do you love? What ideas can you steal? What inspiration can you take to create a home that feel fresh and inviting to you? Take any ideas you love and mix them with your own, personal style to make a home that is a true reflection of ‘you’.

Photo by Mister M