Missing your deployed spouse? Here are five fun activities to reminisce

Are you missing your deployed spouse? Counting down the days until they return? Here are five fun activities to reminisce until they are back home with you.

Deployment is a hard time for all military wives. You miss you partner, you are constantly worried about their health and wellbeing. You want them to return as soon as possible, and you just do not know how to spend your days without him.

The loneliness military wives go through is often overlooked. It is quite normal to miss your spouse when they are on deployment, so how can you spend your days not letting anxiety get the better of you?

Worry not, for here are a few activities that will remind you of the times you spent with him and fill you with renewed hope that they will be back soon. 

1) Take yourself out on a date with friends

While it may sound outright cruel to take yourself out on a date when your spouse is on military deployment, it is a good way to reminisce about the times you have spent together.

The whole point of these exercises is for you to reflect on the times you had spent with your spouse, so you can appreciate their presence even better whenever he comes back. So make yourself up and go out on a ‘date’ with friends have have fun.  

2) Get together with other military wives 

You are probably not the only one moping around because he is not at home. Remember, the other girls in the unit are also feeling sad and empty in their own homes. Why not invite them over for an evening of fun?

Or, if there are no military wives near you, or you can’t get out to meet up, why not organise an online get-together? You can chat or play games like online cribbage and share stories over drinks and laughter. Every military wife has a story about how spicy things can get once her spouse returns from deployment. Maybe you could get a few pointers too, for when he comes back home! 

3) Go on a solo trip 

Go for a solo trip to the places you have visited with him before. This will not only help you reminisce over all the fun times you two shared while you were there, but it will also give you a very fair perspective of what your life will be like without him.

Sure, there are many other things you can look forward to when you are traveling alone, but having no one to hold your purse while you pose for photos? Or not having a shoulder to lean on when you are tired from your travels? Believe us, you will fall in love with him and everything about him all over again. 

4) Write to him 

When you are missing him, he is missing you too. You are at home, feeling lonely; but he might be preparing for active duty every day with strenuous training. He certainly misses your warmth, the taste of your homecooked meals and the softness of your shared bed.

Make sure to write to him from time to time and talk about how you miss his presence around the house, even the things he does that annoy you. Send him pictures and handmade gifts, so you know he will also be thinking of you, just as you are thinking of him. 

5) Do the things you both love 

This could range from going out for long walks to staying in and having a movie marathon. When you spend time with yourself doing the things you both like doing, it will show you just how much his company means to you. It will fill you with a renewed sense of appreciation and love for him because you will realise that it is his presence that makes all these activities fun.

We often take small things for granted. Even the most seemingly mundane activity can take an amazing turn when you do it with the person you love. Spending time doing the things you both love shows you just how appreciative you need to be of him when he is back with you and then, you will never again take your time together for granted.