Make your family trip to Paris memorable with these three activities

Taking a family trip to Paris? You may not think of the most romantic city in the world as a destination spot for children and their parents, but you are about to be surprised.

Paris is a very family friendly city, with enriching and memorable activities inside and outside (weather permitting), for children of all ages.

Once you and your family arrive, regardless of your location, the convenience of Paris luggage storage will be available to you. There is nothing better than being able to ditch the suitcases and leave you with free hands to navigate your kids through the busy streets. 

A family trip to Paris will be a story you all cherish for a lifetime. Here are three activities to help you create a memorable trip with your loved ones. 

1) Visit a family-friendly neighborhood

Let’s face it, traveling with your entire family is expensive. So, when visiting a city like Paris, you want to stay in a budget friendly area, but still be close to the areas you desire to explore.

It isn’t easy to use public transportation with kids, so a walkable neighborhood can be an ideal choice. Consider an area like Montmartre. Located in the Paris hilltops, it is the highest part of the city, which means it also has some of the best views. It is also the most child friendly neighborhoods in all of Paris. 

You and your child can ride the Little Train of Montmartre along the cobble stone streets. It’s a great way to relax (for all of you) when your feet get a little tired or someone starts getting cranky. 

The educational opportunities in the entire city are endless, but you don’t have to leave the family friendly area to experience them. Take your children to the Salvador Dali Museum for a day you will always remember. It’s a great activity for bad weather days. 

Take a family stroll in the area and experience endless art and murals. If your child is an art enthusiast (or you are), you won’t want to miss the Place du Tertre. It is a space where artists gather to create their work – exhibition style. Children and adults alike can observe artists in action. 

2) Organise child-friendly treats

The restaurants of Paris aren’t just for adults. The Scaramouche Paris is considered an “Artisian Glacier” – it is an ice cream parlor! With over 50 flavors to choose from, it will please the kid in everyone. 

The best part of the ice-cream experience here is the parlor’s dedication to the child’s experience. The staff are patient with kids when they are looking for their favorite flavor to try. I would need extra time too with 50 flavors! 

Another location, 750g La Table, caters to family recipes and your little ones. This location has high-chairs and a play corner, but the biggest attraction is the miniature kitchen. Children are invited to come and cook in the kitchen like grown-ups (but it is all “pretend”). 

There is nothing childish about the restaurant’s gastronomic cuisine. Set at reasonable prices for adult and kid portions, most visitors will find the choices quite enjoyable. 

3) Head to the park

If the endless choices in Paris don’t appeal to even the pickiest of children, there are several options for theme parks that the whole family will love. Disneyland Resort Paris and the Walt Disney Studios Park are everything you remember with the classic characters and activities. 

Other parks include Jardin d’Acclimatation, with 44 attractions including rafting adventures, speed rockets, and other rides. You can even travel a little further out for thrill seeking rides themed after comic books at Parc Asterix. 

If you are looking for something more traditional, there are several exceptional playgrounds scattered throughout the city of Paris. Newer parks like the Jardin du Luxembourg Playground were designed to mimic the natural treasures found in the environment. Some parks even have pony rides! 

Discover the magic of Paris with your family

It is difficult to travel as a whole family, especially with younger children. However, traveling with family is the best experience. Watching your child explore and share the experience with you is invaluable. 

Paris should be a consideration if you plan to take a destination vacation with your family. It is a historic city with neighborhoods that welcome children and their hard-working parents with open arms. It caters to the kids and the young-at-heart but can also be an exciting adventure!

Moreover, vacationing in Paris doesn’t have to break the bank. Stay in an area like Montmartre, with family enriching activities you can access by walking. You can have a great time and not even visit the more tourist-centric attractions.

You should consider Paris as a family destination. As a city rich in history, and the number one visited city in the world, everyone should experience it at least once.

Photo by Chris Karidis