Make your birthday party even more special with a 360 photo booth

A lot of things go into planning the perfect birthday party. You need to think of an appropriate theme, come up with a guest list, decide the menu, order the cake, and decorate your venue.

You also need to come up with activities and games to make your party successful, and the most important part – a photo booth!

And if you want to make your party memorable, you need to think out of the box. So while you come up with a unique venue and cake that doesn’t look like a cake, we recommend checking out a 360 booth instead of your regular photo booth.

It’s something new and fun, and will keep your guests intrigued! Plus, who doesn’t like to take pictures in this day and age and share that on social media? And it’ll capture your birthday in a fun and exciting way!  So if you see a 360 photo booth for sale or for hire, this might be the thing to make your party the one that everyone is talking about!

What is a 360 photo booth?

As you might have guessed from the name, a 360 booth is a rotating booth with multiple cameras and it takes your pictures by spinning around you. This way, it captures the complete view of your pose and creates exciting content.

It uses the latest camera tech to create compelling and engaging videos and photos that are ready to share. So your guests can instantly share their pictures on their favorite social media platform.

Types of 360 photo booths

You can find different types of 360 booths with pre-set camera modes that you can choose according to your preference. Whatever form you choose, one thing is for sure – they can help provide a unique experience to your guests.

Here is a quick run down of some of the different types you can choose from.

360 rotation booth

As the name suggests, a 360 rotation booth includes a 360-degree camera that rotates while you stand at the center of the booth. It can capture both 180- and 360-degree footage of all your guest’s fun moments and silly poses. Plus, they can save the images and videos and share them online there and then.

360 freeze booth

A 360 freeze booth involves multiple cameras set at different angles and all of them take your picture simultaneously. You have to stand in between the numerous cameras and get multiple pictures, which are then processed and presented to you. A 360 freeze booth can also be set up to capture footage along with pictures.

360 VR booth  

This kind of 360 booth covers the whole venue by surrounding all the subjects. This can be especially useful for you if you want to relive your birthday party on a panoramic screen later on!

Why you should get a 360 photo booth for your birthday

You can easily find a 360 photo booth for your next birthday party and make it completely awesome. Some services allow you to set up and operate the unit on your own while others provide a whole package and take care of the installation. They even operate the booth for your guests while you make sure everything else at your party goes smoothly.

You can find a rental booth in many sizes. Some even allow up to five guests in one shot, making it a great option for your party.

A 360 photo booth can make your party even more special because it provides the following benefits.

Customized booths for your birthday

One of the greatest things about 360 photo booths is that you can customize them for any event. So when it comes to birthdays, you can get the booth customized according to your theme. For instance, you can get the booth skin and digital background customized so that it fits your birthday theme.

Budget-friendly, unique photography

If you want to make sure that your guests have a completely unique and memorable birthday experience but don’t have the budget to hire professional photographers, a 360 photo booth could serve as a great investment! Apart from making sure your guests have fun while posing for photos, a 360 photo booth also guarantees professional quality images, videos, overlays, GIFs, etc. that you and your guests are sure to love.

Create unforgettable memories

A photo booth ensures you and your guests make new memories by taking amazing pictures of your party. Your friends can have a lifetime memory of this new experience they had and can relive it later on! 

Ideal for todays photo-oriented generation

Go to any party and you’ll see people snapping pictures to share on their Instagram, Snapchat, and even TikTok. And for such people, a 360 photo booth is perfect. It not only provides a unique picture-taking experience, but it also allows them to share the images and videos on social media immediately.

Keep your audience engaged

A birthday party is all about having fun and 360 booths can help you do exactly that! It can make sure that your guests stay entertained and enjoy themselves as they pose for memorable and creative photographs.

Get a 360 photo booth for your party today

It’s clear that a 360 photo booth can really make your birthday party more special. It’s not just unique, but it’s creative and affordable too. Plus, its modern technology ensures your guests have a memorable day. So make some birthday props, get a 360 photo booth, and have a blast!