How to make more intuitive decisions part three – passion

What are your passions – the things you do that light you up and fill you with positive energy? Find out why spending time on these activities every week can help you make more intuitive decisions in your life.

Over the past two weeks we have revealed how practising stream of consciouness writing and meditation can help you get in touch with your spirit – your inner self – and make more intuitive decisions in your life and work.

This week, Katie Phillips from Daring & Mighty explains why it’s important to spend time doing things that light you up – your passions.

Do things that light you up

There’s a big difference between doing things that we feel we ought or need to do, and the feelings you experience when you are doing something that lights you up – something that you really want to be doing and that feeds your creative energy and lust for life.

When you do what lights you up, you become energised – not drained. Rather than feeling like you are expending energy, you actually recharge your own vitality. You express your spirit – your inner passion – and these activities are the key to the nurturing of your true self.

And when you nurture your true self, you are more in tune with what you really want or need from life, and find it much easier to make decisions that will help you get there.

So what should you do?

But what are your passions? What are the things you should be doing to get these wonderful benefits?

Only you know the answer to this. It could be anything from painting, dancing, baking or running, to sitting in a steam room (one of mine!!), meditating, walking in the woods or sitting on the beach. Basically it’s anything in which you ‘lose yourself’, when time melts away and you are joyful to just be in the moment and in the activity.

When you find the thing (or things) you love to do, make time each week to indulge in them and give yourself permission to enjoy it. Because when you follow your passions you’ll have more energy and mental space for the rest of your life, and will make much wiser and more authentic decisions.

Katie Phillips is the founder of Daring & Mighty, an organisation committed to sharing the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself.