How to make more intuitive decisions part four – set your intentions

What do you want from your life? Find out how by actively setting positive intentions, you can intuitively make decisions and take actions that will bring you closer to your goals.

Over the past three weeks, Katie Phillips from Daring & Mighty has revealed different ways you can connect with your inner self – your spirit – to make more intuitive decisions in your life and work. This week, she explains why it’s important to set your intentions.

Thoughts become things

Ever heard of the saying Thoughts become things? Our intentions are a powerful force, and is the basis for our entire lived experience. Why? Because the things we think and intend are what we unconsciously work towards.

If you look back upon your own achievements, you will see that you earned them because you intended to do so – you created your own pathway for your experience through your own intentions. 

Why you need to control your intentions

Intention is the force that lies behind everything that you do, good or bad. And that’s just why it is so important to exercise some control over your intentions.

If your intentions are clothed in fear, then these fear-based intentions will predictably come about – just as intentions that are positive and ambitious will move you closer to the goals you desire.

The key to this is your feelings, because your intentions are played out through them, and they are what will manifest in your life.

How can you set positive intentions?

So how do you set positive intentions, and what can you do if you feel fear surrounding an intention?

Setting your intention is like offering your desires to the universe. In setting an intention you are envisioning how you would like to be, to feel and to progress. So take the time to think for a moment about how you would like to feel. For example, you might say, ‘I want to feel more connected, vital and loving’. Or ‘I want to feel more fulfilled and in control’.

Next think about what actions you could take that could make you feel that way. For instance you might say, ‘I intend to follow my intuition and instinct today’, ‘I intend to have healthier eating habits’, or ‘I intend to start taking proactive steps towards finding a new job’.

In setting these feeling-based intentions you will feel more deeply connected to your inner self or spirit, and begin to manifest the good that you desire.

Why you need to choose the right language

When creating your intentions it’s really important to use positive and active language, and avoid negative or passive phrases.

For example instead of saying, ‘Please don’t let me fail my exam’ instead state ‘I intend to achieve a successful examination result’. And rather than saying ‘I will no longer argue in my relationship’ say ‘I intend to enjoy healthy, open, loving communication in my relationship’.

In avoiding words with a low energy you will feel more positive about your intention and therefore send out a positive vibration surrounding it.

If you do feel negative emotion surrounding an intention, then re-tweak your language so that you are aligning your thoughts and intentions to be in resonance with your energy and real desires, and attract circumstance that allow you to achieve it.

Start setting your own positive intentions today

I like to set daily intentions first thing in the morning because they allow me to be more reflective and present, more mindful of my interaction with others, and more in tune with my spirit. But you can set intentions at any time, and for any time span – they can cover the coming day, week, year or even the rest of your life.

The important thing is not when you set intentions, but that you start consciously doing so. If you don’t start taking control and designing the life you really want, you risk allowing fear to take control and steer your life in the very direction you don’t want it to go in.

And with your positive intentions firmly set, you’ll find it easier to intuitively make the right decisions that will take you closer to your personal or career goals.

Katie Phillips is the founder of Daring & Mighty, an organisation committed to sharing the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself.