Mahmutlar: Conditions and possibilities of buying apartments

How did a calm and quiet quarter become one of the main real estate sales areas of Mahmutlar? Discover the conditions and possibilities of buying apartments.

Mahmutlar is a quiet city in southern Turkey, known for its silence and long coastline. This city is not like usual Turkey, it is the opposite. Climatic conditions allow you to endure hot summers and mild winters calmly.

The ruins of the ancient city of Naula allow you to plunge into the Byzantine era and see with your own eyes the construction of the Romans of that time. You can buy real estate in Mahmutlar by the sea at any time of the year and with any wallet. What is Mahmutlar known for? What cost of flats in Mahmutlar demand in the city? And why has the population of Turkey’s secret corner soared?

Mahmutlar – the region of tourists

This quarter of Alanya has long been considered a favorite of tourists. It is located 8 kilometers from the center of Alanya. The Taurus Mountains surround the city from all sides, and the clean coastline pleases the eye daily.

Mahmutlar has a well-developed infrastructure: an abundance of cafes and restaurants, supermarkets, and schools with different depths, as well as numerous beauty salons and spa centers. On weekends, there is a bazaar in the city where anyone can buy fresh vegetables and fruits at low prices.

Also in the market, you can buy clothes from the local people. The best time for a relaxing holiday at sea is the beginning of May when the holiday season is just opening its doors. Rains bypass this glorious place.

A huge minus of the city is the sand on the beach. The city authorities annually renew the sand carried away by storms. The strip has a length of 4 kilometers. Special plates are installed for a comfortable entry into the water, and yet Turk.Estate advises you to purchase special swimming shoes to avoid accidentally injuring yourself.

What properties are in demand in the area?

Employees in the construction industry choose only those projects that are comfortable for people and will cause demand in the future. So, one of the main types of housing is apartments. And the average cost in an ordinary residential complex is 35,000 euros.

For 40,000 euros, you can buy housing in a middle-class house with warm and cold pools, a gym, a hammam, and a terrace. The very top of the ceiling is exclusive, expensive complexes equipped with surveillance cameras, security, or a balcony overlooking the sea.

Population growth in Mahmutlar

With the onset of global sanctions, population growth in Turkey has increased significantly. The population of the city is quite young. There is a lot of entertainment on a grand scale.

Turkey is a country that surprises you every day, allows you to fall in love with yourself, and bestows gifts from above. The sun, sea breeze, and developed infrastructure make Mahmutlar one of the fastest-growing cities in the Turkish state.

Selling real estate in Turkey: restrictions for Russians

Residents of Russia are limited in their choice of land. For example, representatives of this country can become owners of land in Turkey, but only with the following conditions:

  • The site should be at most 30 hectares.
  • The land should not be on the Black Sea coast.
  • The object must be located outside the country’s strategic and military zone, the territories determined by the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

Buy apartments in Turkey: conditions and opportunities

There are many opportunities and favorable conditions under which foreigners can become owners of apartments and villas in Turkey. 

Among them are the following:

  1. Many local financial institutions issue mortgage loans to foreigners at 9-10% per annum, which, for example, by Russian standards, is very good. A loan from a Turkish bank can be taken in rubles, US dollars, euros, or Turkish liras.
  2. You can buy Turkish apartments even at the stage of excavation. Such a purchase will be very profitable since apartments that need to be ready for a living are always cheaper than apartments in a rented house. Often the difference between prices for residential premises in objects at the initial and final stages of construction reaches 30%.
  3. You can buy an apartment in a building under construction in installments (no interest). However, it is necessary to pay the entire cost of the apartments before putting the house into operation.
  4. If the apartment is bought but has yet to be built, the owner has the opportunity to change its layout, as well as finish. In addition, you can choose what kind of furniture will be in the room (often, new housing in Turkey is sold already furnished, and the furniture chosen by the construction company employees only sometimes corresponds to the apartment owners’ taste).

Buy an apartment in Turkey

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