Love to easily plan content that sells? Join our Content Masterclass

We all know that content is a vital part of marketing today, but creating it isn’t easy. What are you supposed to say? How often should you share content? And how do you come up with ideas your customers will love? 

Our Content Masterclass shows you an easy way to create content that sells. 

We walk you through the process of creating your brand story, and turning it into brilliant content ideas that are mapped against your customer journey. So you can nurture customers all the way from first hearing about you to becoming loyal fans… all through an easy-to-create content plan. 

Our class contains everything you need to create your content plan – from a video walkthrough of the process, to worksheets and even a template you just need to fill in. Coming up with content that sells has never been easier.

Our class will be recorded live at 10am UK time on Friday 3 December, with Q&A afterwards. You are welcome to join us live, or watch the video recording in your own time afterwards. 

How to plan brilliant content that sells

After watching our Content Masterclass you’ll know:

  • The four key things your content needs to do
  • What kind of content you should be creating
  • The five-stage process to create a content plan
  • Seven questions you need to ask to find your brand story
  • And how to map it against your marketing journey
  • The big, very common content mistake you need to avoid
  • How to get the most out of every piece of content you create
  • How to measure the success of your content plan
  • The types of content that work well for us
  • And why you shouldn’t be afraid to be controversial!

By the time you finish, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to create an evergreen content plan your customers will love – as well as content plans for campaigns. 

This is a must-watch class for any small business owner, freelancer, marketing professional and copywriter who’d love to create content that customers love.

And you can secure your seat right now for just £35 – a saving of £10. The class takes place live at 10am UK time on Friday 3 December. Once you sign up you’ll receive an email with details on how to join. 

Can’t make the live class? Book your seat now to secure your discount, and you’ll get access to the recorded class afterwards, as well as all class resources (including a class ebook, planning template, worksheet, class slides and a workbook to help you come up with content ideas).

You have lifetime access to the class and accompanying resources, so you can use it again and again to plan brilliant content that sells. 

This is an investment that will save you time and stress, and has the potential pay you back many, many times over. 

So if you’d love to easily plan brilliant, on-brand content that sells, book your early bird place on our Content Masterclass now.