Love reading but don’t do it enough? Here are five tips for every book-loving woman

Love books but don’t spend enough reading them? Here are five tips that will help you to read more.

Reading makes many people happy. But if you’re like many book lovers, you probably don’t read as much as you think about reading and buy new books. You might even, like many of us, have a growing stack of books waiting to be read… if only you had the time!

Reading is one of the most pleasurable and rewarding ways you can spend your time. It boosts your knowledge and imagination, and is a great way to escape time and explore a new world without having to move your feet.

But life is busy and many priorities can come between us and our love of books – especially if you have a young family and demanding job. You can also find yourself unable to justify the expense of buying yet more books when you already have a waiting pile of books gathering dust.

If this sounds in any way familiar then read on. In this article we’ll share five tips for every book-loving woman so you can read more books and make the best use of the list of book stands.

How to read more books if you are on a tight budget or busy?

We are all busy, and even if we are not, we are going to come up with excuses so that we don’t have to read books. But if you are a bookworm, you are going to do whatever it takes to read at least 150 books before you die. And to help you achieve the goal, here are some mindful tips.

1) Set a reading goal 

We’re used to the idea of setting career and business goals, making new year resolutions and writing daily to do lists. They all help focus our attention and priorities. So if you’re missing getting lost in books, why not make a reading goal for yourself?

If you haven’t done so already, sign ups to a good reading platform. These platforms let you find new books, save your reading progress, add read books to your list, and allow you to challenge yourself. You can also share and see your friends’ reading lists as long as you are a member of the same platform.

When you are picking books to read, you can find out about the author, the genre it is in, read a synopsis and if possible, some sample chapters to find out if the book is really your type. You can find readers’ reviews, books’ ratings, and so on from your app, making it easier to explore the world of books and discover new gems.

2) Join a local or digital library

Libraries can save you a lot of money if you’re an avid reader. All you have to do is find a good library and join. Then you can borrow and read books that you would otherwise have to buy.

Sites like Open Library, World Digital Library, Global Digital Library, and many other digital libraries have a wide collection of books from various genres.

If you don’t want to pay and don’t mind reading online or on your mobile, then go to Z Library where you can find the rarest ebooks and download them on your device. 

3) Schedule a daily appointment with books

It’s easier to make something a priority when it’s become a habit/ Just think: how many times do you forget to brush your teeth? Or not bother because you’re too busy?

So if you want to read more, then it makes sense to make reading a habit. Try to find a time in your day or week when you can indulge in your love of books. It might be before you sleep at night, or on a weekend morning. Wherever it is, ensure it’s something you can do regularly, and embed it as a sacred habit.

It’s important that this is guilt-free, too. Pursuing activities you enjoy will help most your sense of wellbeing, which boosts your health and gives you more energy at other times.

4) Don’t read books you don’t enjoy

Reading should be a pleasure, not a chore. So keep it one. This means that if everyone’s reading a particular book but you hate the sound of it, you don’t have to.

If a book is about something you don’t find interesting, don’t read it. And definitely don’t feel you need to wade through a dull book just because you’ve paid for it. Make a vow to yourself that you will only read books that bring you joy or pique your interest.

5) Try different genres

It’s easy to get stuck in a reading rut, and dismiss any book outside it. But just think what you might be missing! Your favourite as-yet-unread novel might be categorised in a genre you’d never consider.

Whether you’re a horror fan, historical fiction love, fantasy aficionado or non-fiction nut, don’t think you need to be faithful to your first love genre. Flirt with others… you never know what wonders you may discover between the pages.