Listen: Erin Wong interviews Hannah Martin for her Life-Friendly Business Podcast

How do you run a business that ethically makes you all the money you need, while only working the hours you want?

Since I started Talented Ladies Club nine years ago, this has been my quest. And it took me a lot of hard work and trial and error to find the answer to that question.

Today I do just that – working part time during school hours Monday to Thursday. And I have been able to achieve this thanks to technology, systems and working with the right people.

I now help other freelancers and business owners do the same, and feel passionately about spreading the word more widely. So I was delighted when Erin Wong invited me onto her Life-Friendly Business Podcast to talk about this very subject!

You can listen to the interview here right now.

The Life-Friendly Business Podcast lifts the lid on the reality of running a business around family life, and shines a light on the mindset gremlins which may well be stopping you from stepping in to your zone of genius. 

Business mentor Erin Thomas Wong digs into the topics that matter to YOU and shares the stories of women striving to build life-friendly businesses on their own terms. If you want to grow and scale a business that works in harmony with your family and your life, this podcast is for you!