Laurel oil benefits: Four ways it can help

Laurel oil has numerous benefits. This article lists four remarkable benefits of laurel essential oil, also known as bay leaf oil.

Laurel oil is an essential oil with many uses. As such, it has plenty of benefits, from reducing acne and improving scalp health to soothing inflammation.

Our article will summarize the remarkable benefits of laurel oil. We’ll also briefly go over how to use laurel oil to maximize its benefits. Read on to learn how laurel oil can help you.

What is laurel oil?

Laurel oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves (and sometimes the berries) of the bay laurel tree. Also known as the bay leaf essential oil, laurel oil has many uses, from topical applications for skin and scalp health to aromatherapy. The versatility of the laurel essential oil makes it very well worth buying for many purposes.

Four amazing benefits of laurel oil

Below, you’ll discover five benefits of laurel oil, including how to use it to get its benefits.

1. It promotes focus and calmness

Laurel oil has an herbal aroma that’s sweet and spicy. When used with a carrier oil that won’t mask its scent, laurel oil can promote focus and bring a sense of calmness to the environment.

The abundance of eucalyptol in laurel oil can improve productivity by enhancing cognitive abilities and boosting mental focus. On the other hand, linalool in laurel oil can reduce anxiety and stress. With all these, laurel oil can be an excellent productivity booster for those in creative fields.

How to use laurel oil for promoting focus and calmness

Since all these benefits come from the aroma of the laurel oil, you’ll need to inhale it regularly or use a diffuser. Anything as simple as a reed diffuser will help you get the aromatherapy benefits of the laurel oil.

2. It nourishes your scalp

Laurel oil nourishes the scalp with its high vitamin and mineral content. It hydrates the scalp, and the antimicrobial properties of the laurel oil fight off dandruff. This also prevents itchiness and soothes irritation caused by scalp conditions.

Laurel oil isn’t known for promoting hair growth. However, it can help your hair grow healthier by strengthening hair follicles. After using essential oils that promote hair growth, like lavender and peppermint oils, you can transition to laurel essential oil to strengthen your hair.

How to use laurel oil for scalp and hair health

Using laurel oil for scalp and hair health is the same as any other essential oil. After diluting it with the carrier oil of your choice, apply it to damp hair and massage the mixture gently into your scalp using your fingertips.

3. It can help improve respiratory health

Laurel oil improves respiratory health by reducing phlegm and clearing congestion. You can use it to ease symptoms of colds and flu. Laurel oil is also an excellent aid for getting through the smoker’s flu and clearing the lungs after quitting.

While laurel oil can help clear lungs after catching a cold or quitting smoking, regular use can keep your respiratory health in good condition. If in a highly polluted area, using laurel oil for respiratory health will bring noticeable changes.

How to use laurel oil for respiratory health

The best way to use laurel oil for respiratory health is steam inhalation. Simply add a few drops of laurel oil to a bowl of hot water, lean over it with your head covered in a towel, and breathe deeply for five to ten minutes.

4. It reduces acne

Laurel oil can reduce acne in several ways. It kills bacteria in the skin and reduces inflammation while also tightening the skin and reducing the size of your pores.

In addition to reducing acne, laurel oil prevents acne formation. It helps your body regulate oil production, reducing sebum that can cause acne. All these enable laurel oil to reduce and prevent acne on the skin.

How to use laurel oil to reduce acne

To treat spots of acne on your skin, dilute laurel oil with an appropriate carrier oil for your skin, such as jojoba or argan oil. Apply the mixture to individual pimples using a cotton swab. If you have a lot of acne to tackle, you may also apply a thin layer of the mixture to your face, focusing on areas with acne.

How to get the benefits of laurel oil

Laurel oil can help in various ways, but you can only get its benefits by using organic laurel essential oil. Countless shops sell diluted essential oils that aren’t potent enough to nourish your body. Always shop for essential oils from reputable sources like Wholesale Botanics, whether you’re buying laurel oil or any other.