Key industries where women’s careers are thriving

The battle to achieve equality is far from over, but the potential for women’s careers is higher now than at any time in history.

In many industries, jobs for women are thriving, and they are starting to get on a level playing field with the men.

The majority of employers are looking to be far more fair and inclusive when it comes to equal rights for both sexes. While the system isn’t yet perfect, far more companies are hiring candidates based purely on their qualities.

Here are some of the industries where women’s careers are thriving.


Studies show that the teaching industry is one sector where women tend to dominate. One report indicates that, in the 2017/18 school year, 89% of all elementary school teachers were women.

The figures vary greatly, depending on those age groups, but clearly this is an industry where women are essential. Teaching can be a tough, but rewarding career and it’s one where both sexes are largely given a fair deal.


Professional video gaming has emerged to become one of the big growth industries of the new millennium. The first eSports tournaments were held in the early part of the century, and they have grown exponentially from that point.

Included in the sphere of eSports are popular titles such as DOTA 2, FIFA, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, poker games and many more. For the bigger tournaments, life changing prize purses have been made available by sponsors and organisers.

Here, women compete in the same teams as men. In individual competition, many of the tournaments combine the genders. In short, it’s a level digital playing field for all involved.

Traditional sports

Traditional sports are also seeing women’s competitions getting increased exposure. The Women’s Soccer World Cup of 2023 was a perfect example, with every game getting live coverage on terrestrial television in some parts of the world.

Sporting governing bodies have been pressured to offer identical prize money to men and women and some have responded positively to those calls. 

In tennis, the Wimbledon championships have been providing equal prize money since 2007. More recently, cricket started to take up the challenge. 

In July 2023, it was announced that women would have the chance to win the same prize money as men in major tournaments, including all versions of the ICC World Cups. It’s been slow progress, but women are starting to thrive in certain traditional sports.

Diet and nutrition

We are all becoming far more conscious of what we put into our bodies these days. Dieticians have always been available, but the rise in healthy eating concerns has opened up far more opportunities.

Figures suggest that women are taking far more advantage of the potential of this industry. It’s been confirmed that around 92% of registered nutrition professionals and dieticians in the United States are women.

It’s a vital career in the present day, where obesity figures and food intolerances continue to increase. There are openings in private practices, clinics and even schools, so there is a wide range of options for those looking to get involved.

Real estate

In an industry that has traditionally been dominated by men, the gender figures are starting to level out. A recent survey indicates that the real estate sector now features around 43% of female employees.

There are many potential openings in one of the top careers for women. From receptionists, through to sales people and business owners. Unfortunately, those figures also show that there is a gender gap in terms of salary and that’s something that real estate needs to address in the years that lie ahead.

Domestic help

This term is intended to cover a number of jobs including personal chef, cleaner, maid and gardener. Of all the industries currently open, this is one where wages among men and women are most likely to be identical.

The domestic help sector is also enjoying significant growth. People have less time on their hands these days, and are frequently on the lookout for extra help around the home. As a result, many women are building successful businesses in this industry.

Child care

Historically, bringing up a child has been seen as ‘women’s work’. It’s a rather chauvinistic viewpoint, but it’s one that has largely been turned to a female advantage.

The childcare sector is experiencing a significant growth period, and it’s an industry that is almost entirely run and staffed by women.

In modern times, there should be no reason why women should earn less than men. That counts across most, if not all available industries. There remains a battle to achieve that equality, but great strides have been made in recent years.

There are many industries where women have the potential to earn the same as men, and that list continues to grow. For now, the careers on this list are among those where women are especially thriving.