Juggling your career and fertility treatment in three easy steps

Wondering how you can undergo fertility treatment while pursuing your career? We’ll show you how you can juggle them both.

For many, having a successful career or raising a family are the greatest achievements in life. Often, however, people feel that they need to sacrifice one or the other in order to make a real success of their chosen path, especially when an infertility diagnosis is thrown into the mix. 

This needn’t be the case.

While undergoing fertility treatments can be time consuming, there are options available that enable you to balance work and family life.

In this article, we’ll explore how donor banks (like donoreggbankusa.com) can help you effortlessly slot your IVF treatment into your working life, and without you having to make too many sacrifices – if any.

1) Create a schedule that makes you feel in control

One of the hardest things about infertility is the lack of control you feel over your body. Equally, when you know you’ve got to make time for fertility appointments, you may feel as though your schedule is spiraling out of control.

Social life? What social life?

That’s why one of the most important steps to a successful fertility journey is to take control of what you can. And that starts with your schedule.

You see, with donor egg treatment, you can make the fertility schedule fit into your life–not the other way around. For example, using frozen donor eggs allows you to choose when you want the treatment to start. This is because yours and the donor’s cycles don’t need synchronizing. You’ll just start taking a course of hormones when you’re ready.

Before committing to the treatment, look through your schedule to see when you can best put time aside for the treatments. Know that you get a quiet couple of months at work around fall? Speak to the clinic to see if it’s possible to start your treatment then.

Once you have a rough idea of when your treatment is going to take place, you can start to fill in your diary around it. And don’t forget to slot in some time for all of the things you love to do and some well-deserved time out, too.

2) Learn when to say no

Despite the fact you can take charge of your schedule throughout your fertility treatment, it’s likely there may still be times when you feel as though there’s a lot going on. After all, you are building a family as well as a career!

Therefore, it’s crucial you feel as though you can say no to people and events as and when you need to.

Just remembered you said you’d meet up with the girls after your next fertility appointment but just want a long hot bath instead? Text and ask them if you can reschedule for another time. Or, why not see if they fancy takeaway pizza at yours after you’ve soaked away those stresses?

Being able to say no or to just postpone something is essential to staying happy, healthy, and stress-free throughout this process. You can’t please everyone all of the time and looking after yourself in your fertility program is key to its success.

3) Take frequent time out to recharge your batteries

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s really important that you have some time set aside where you have absolutely nothing planned. This gives you time to reschedule certain things if you need to–or to just sit in your pajamas, watch your favorite movies, and work your way through a carton of ice cream!

Although you will no doubt find that life and your fertility treatments clash at times, keeping to these simple steps will enable you to make the most of everything throughout. Being able to plan and prioritize won’t just help you feel in control but will also help you maintain the perfect balance throughout this process.

And the best thing?

Taking charge of your schedule, planning ahead, and learning when to just switch off from everything won’t just help you enjoy your pregnancy but will help wonders when you become a busy mom, too!