Join a one-day online summit supporting women in the workplace with policy and compliance

As the world moves into a post-Covid landscape, the full extent of the pandemic’s impact on gender equality and employment is becoming apparent.

To help address this, Business Forums International (BFI) are hosting the Supporting Women in the Workplace: Policy & Compliance Summit on Wednesday 15 June 2022.

The event takes place online between 9am and 4:30pm and Talented Ladies Club readers can enjoy a 25% discount with the code SWW25TLC.

A widening gender divide

Since the pandemic began, women’s lives have become increasingly difficult. The gender divide has widened because of a higher rate of female furloughs and redundancies, unparalleled work/life balance challenges, an increase in domestic violence, caring duties and mental health and well-being setbacks.

A lack of adequate support from line managers and organisations is only exacerbating the issue of increased pressure. This negatively impacts women’s relationships with employers and often discourages the best and brightest from continuing with their careers.

What if women start voting with their feet?

Representing 50% of the workforce, women are facing manifest hurdles at work, and many will leave their jobs. This would be a scandalous setback for everything that generations of women achieved pre-Covid. 

2022 holds a host of legal directives and challenges for employers aimed at improving women’s working lives. 

Business Forums International put on an intensive day to explore the current issues, gain insight from sought-after thought leaders and practitioners in their field and exchange experience and advice from like-minded professionals.  This is a jam-packed summit full of real-time discussion, interactivity, and keynote sessions.

What can you expect from the day?

Highlights from the sessions include:

  • The realities of hybrid working 
  • Eliminating discrimination against pregnant women and working mothers 
  • Data collection and interpretation, how to update your gender pay gap reporting post-Covid
  • Sourcing female talent by putting inclusion & diversity at the core of recruitment policies 
  • Updating and communicating menopause policies
  • How to encourage male line managers to support menopausal colleagues 
  • Ensuring equality in the workplace through understanding and applying the concept of intersectionality
  • Examining ways to keep women safe in the workplace and at home 
  • Understanding the issues and prioritising female mental health 
  • Expert-led workshops, discussion rooms, networking sessions and roundtables examining female-specific challenges around gender, LGBTQI+, race, disability, neurodiversity, and social mobility

About BFI

Since 1996, Business Forums International Ltd has run groundbreaking workplace conferences and training courses on D&I, menopause, gender pay gap, sexual harassment and bullying policies and they have a profound understanding of the specific challenges posed by the post-Covid landscape. 

Quotes from previous female-focused events orated by BFI include:

  • “Empathetic, honest, real and funny – couldn’t ask for better speakers”
  • “D&I has become such a cliché, but these incredible speakers today have inspired me to go back and make sure our policies are innovative and workable”

Use the code SWW25TLC to save 25% when you book your place at the Supporting Women in the Workplace: Policy & Compliance Summit.

Photo by Christina