Is your wardrobe ready for the new season? How to create your ideal wardrobe for Spring

Unlike last year when we were living in lockdown number 99, this year we can look forward to more freedom in Spring.

The good news is that you don’t have to dress in loungewear 24-7 anymore but the challenge can be knowing what to wear instead.

If you’re thinking, ‘Eek, I have nothing to wear this Spring!’ then the first thing NOT to do is panic. Don’t rush out and impulse buy styles you’ve seen on social media, magazines, brand websites etc, that you’ll never wear. You have to assess what you need first.

That’s because lifestyle shifts equal wardrobe shifts. Switching from working from home to going to the office, from video calls to dressing head to toe and from hibernating to socialising requires a shift in the outfits you wear.

Sounds simple but having a wardrobe full of clothes that doesn’t fit your current lifestyle is one of the most common issues I come across. Do you really need formal tailored dresses now you work in a relaxed work environment?

So before you buy anything, work out what you actually need. That way, you’ll have go-to outfits you love wearing for every occasion. Here are five simple steps to help you do that:

Step 1: Write down the activities you need clothes for

Make a list of every type of outfit you need over a monthly period. That could be working from home, days in the office, meeting friends for lunch, travel etc.

Step 2: Go through your wardrobe

Group the garments in your wardrobe into activity/lifestyle categories. Count how many outfits you have for each activity. Do you have enough? Do you love the outfits you are wearing or are you just making do as you don’t have anything else? Remember, it’s important you feel good in what you are wearing whatever the activity.

Step 3: Make a note of any gaps

You are likely to find that your wardrobe is out of sync with your current lifestyle. Write down any pieces or outfits you need. You don’t have to be too prescriptive as just knowing you need more outfits for going to the office or meeting friends will help you.

Step 4: Pull together some inspiration

Pull together images of styles that you like as this will help you to update and refresh your current style. Pinterest is a great way to do this but you can use whatever way suits you. This is an example of a mood board I created with a client using magazine tears.

Step 5: Write a focused shopping list

If you do need some new items, write a shopping list first.. Research the styles you need online and stay focused on this list to avoid impulse buys and buying items similar to those you already own. Use your mood board for inspiration too.

Don’t forget that the most important aspect is how you feel when getting dressed. If you feel happy, confident and like ‘you’ in your outfits then you are on the right track!

Join stylist Sally Smy for a spring style workshop

Sally Smy is a personal stylist and founder of Queen Bee Styling. Prior to setting up her business twelve years ago, Sally had a successful 18 year career in fashion buying working for leading high street retailers.

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Sally Smy is a London-based personal stylist. If you would like further information on her services please drop her a line. Stay in touch with Sally on Instagram, Facebook @queenbeestyling.