Is your brand truly recognisable?

How is your business faring in the market right now? Maybe not as well as you want it to be; one of the main reasons for this could very well be that no one really knows you.

After all, you need to pull the customer in and never make them want to let go again. All in all, you need an element of real brand recognition about you, and that’s not easy to pull off. Brand recognition is the number one need amongst the small business community, and for very good reason. 

How do you ensure that your brand is truly recognisable? How do you ensure that your customer base is stable, with plenty of repeat custom on the horizon? We’ve got some ideas for you to invest in below. 

You need a unique angle

A unique angle is the number one thing that ensures your brand comes across as memorable. Without taking a look through your own brand’s lens, you’re not going to come up with anything workable. So, how do you create a unique angle for yourself, without doing the same 5 or so things everyone else has done? 

Plan your promotional items for 2021 with the top 5 picks for brand recognition, estimated according to the trends of this year. Following these should give you a good idea of what your customer base is looking for, both now and in the near future, and start a new trend to follow within your own business.

You need to collaborate

People need to see you everywhere. They need regular exposure to your brand, and without this factor, your brand will struggle to pick up the recognition it needs. You know your niche, you know the consumers within this niche, and you need to stretch yourself across the entire market here. 

And that means you need to collaborate with other businesses, and even online blogs, that have a similar audience to you. It’s much easier to network in this way than you think; you could apply these principles to your marketing strategy, and they’re very easy to integrate! 

You need to give back

And once you’ve pulled people in, you need to be sure you’re thanking them for paying attention, and clearly showing your brand off as being worthy of their time. Sure, you can offer incentives at the initial stages, but you’re going to need something more long term and concrete, such as a rewards program or membership option. 

When a customer knows they can earn points every single time they shop with you, they’re going to be likely to pick up a few more items than they usually would. And with more of your products out there, and more positive things to highlight about your company, people are going to talk about your brand a lot more. 

Your brand has a chance to score true recognition. Make sure you keep the above tips in mind when refining your marketing strategy for the year ahead.