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The licensed online casino,, offers tons of options for e-gaming enthusiasts by taking their passion to the next level with a solid betting system.

But for those new to the e-gambling scene, you must be wondering what exactly is Stake and why it is so popular? Here’s everything you need to know about and Stake promo codes to heighten your betting experience.

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How to use the promo code

Before we start learning about the Stake promo codes, let’s look at the method of redeeming them to claim your bonuses. You can use your promo code by following the steps described below.

Go to the Stake website and register your account by clicking the Register button. If you already have an account, click Sign In and enter your username and password.

Enter your registration details to create a new account. Check the Code option and enter the Stake referral code hellagood for a 5% Rakeback on your account. Be sure to verify your email after registration.

Now click your account button on the top right and go to Settings.

Click the Offers menu in the settings.

Enter the Stake promo code (2023) that you wish you use and click Submit to redeem its benefits. Read also how to get Stake US promo code without a VPN.

Your best tips for picking up free money offers

As unimaginable as it may sound, there are certainly ways to win free money offers on Before diving into this venture, you must be familiar with the different kinds of offers that net you free money. Let’s take a look:

No deposit free money offers

Some of the money offers on don’t require depositing any money. Although these are rare and often reward in a less sum of winnings, it’s possible to stumble upon such offers once in a blue moon, especially when signing up for the first time.

Free money offers requiring an initial deposit

As with most money-back offers, earning free money on requires an initial deposit for the most part. If you’re looking to find more about these free money offers, you should definitely check out hellagood, which guarantee a 200% deposit bonus with a 5% Rakeback on losses.

The following four tips should help you pick up the best free money offers:

  1. Look for the regional offers that are applicable to your account. As most of the offers are region dependent, you can save yourself some valuable time if you filter through the offers that work in your territory.
  2. Always read the full description of the free money offer. The only way to determine whether an offer is worth grabbing is by carefully reading its description.
  3. Regularly check your email and other socials to ensure you don’t miss out on any deal or policy changes.
  4. Last but not least, don’t restrict yourself to a single website when searching for free money offers promo codes. As the codes market is competitive, you can prowl through various areas of the internet to obtain the best offers.

While you’re at it, why not check out some Roobet promo codes to enhance your crypto waging experience.

What is Rakeback, how it works and how to get it?

Rakeback is a crucial concept to understand but is easy to misconstrue. It’s a way of winning back some of your investment in case of a loss. Let’s explore what Rakeback is, how it works and how to get it. If you’re already familiar with the Rakeback concept, find more about the best Rakeback offers on Stake right now!

Each time you make a bet, you get a certain percentage of the deposited money back. It’s a great way of earning passively, despite losing on your bets. As of January 2023, the rakeback policy by has been revised to 5%. So, any deal offering more than 5% just wouldn’t work.

Winning the Rakeback amount requires having the Rakeback promotion activated on your account. Once you do so, you can win a percentage bonus on all your bets, including the previous ones. However, be sure to claim your Rakeback winning, as all the unclaimed winnings get archived if your account becomes inactive.

There are two ways to activate the Rakeback promotion on your account:

  1. Keep placing as many bets as possible. The more you wager, the more your account grows. Once you reach the Bronze VIP level, you can activate the Rakeback promotion.
  2. Sign up for your account via a well-established affiliate, like a YouTube/Twitch streamer that’s associated with the program.

How do I claim a VIP bonus on Stake?

Before you become eligible to redeem VIP bonuses, you should understand how the VIP program at Stake works. The VIP program at Stake is divided into different tiers, requiring a certain money threshold for promotion to a higher tier. Following are the betting requirements for each tier in the VIP program.

VIP LevelBetting Requirement
Platinum II$500,000
Platinum III$1,000,000
Platinum IV$2,500,000
Platinum V$5,000,000
Platinum VI$10,000,000
Diamond II$50,000,000
Diamond III$100,000,000
Diamond IV$250,000,000
Diamond V$500,000,000

Once you reach a certain wagering threshold and your account is leveled up, you can claim the VIP bonuses associated with that tier. These bonuses include VIP level-up bonuses, Rakeback, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, VIP Host, Reload, and other customized benefits.

What are the best Stake promotions?

Once you have signed up for Stake, you can redeem a Welcome Code to your account. When paired up with the referral code that we mentioned, you’d be set to start betting on your account with added benefits. However, it is important to look out for more Stake promotions to ensure you don’t miss out on any Stake bonus drop code.

What is the monthly bonus at

Monthly bonuses pertain to the extra money given to all the eligible players of once  a month. To be eligible to receive a monthly bonus, you have to have an active VIP Bronze account with a verified email address.

The monthly bonuses are sent out to the players at a random date via email, so be sure to check your mailbox regularly. Your total bonus is calculated based on your monthly waging activity and VIP account level.

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Your review of

New players can question the legitimacy of before starting out. However, this guide has given the readers a full preview of the online casino, including its best promotional codes, various account promotion perks, and Stake bonus drop codes. With that, we wish you happy betting!