Interview with Ravi Shukle, Country Manager for Agorapulse UK & Ireland

We interview Ravi Shukle, Country Manager for Agorapulse UK & Ireland, the sponsors of our Shortcut Summit in January.

Agorapulse make social media easier to manage than ever before, by enabling you to schedule your content, get reports, and engage followers with one simple tool. They’re giving away one month free to Talented Ladies Club readers here.

What’s a quick introduction to you?

I was born in London. I’m a proud father to my daughter Sienna who’s now two years old. I just turned vegan four months ago after being a lifelong vegetarian.

In my spare time I actually in a geeky way really enjoy social media marketing so share my latest strategies, tools and tips over on my Youtube channel here.

What’s your professional background?

10+ years working in social media marketing from startups to multinational organisations as well as consulting businesses on social media strategy.

How long have you worked at Agorapulse?

Just over one year now.

Why do you enjoy working at Agorapulse?

The people! The culture at Agorapulse is none like I’ve seen in all my 10+ years working across many roles. You can speak to the CEO just as easily as your own team members and all feedback is welcome and discussed openly. Love the fact they encourage you to succeed and help give you the tools to do so.

What makes Agorapulse different?

The open culture to discuss new ideas, the ability to talk directly to anyone in the company even the CEO and the freedom to try new things to help expand your knowledge, skills and the results for the company.

What’s the biggest slip up you’ve ever seen a company make on social media?

Pure Gym : Trying to piggy bank on the “black history month” trend with a workout called “12 years a slave.”

And the cleverest social media campaign?

Ice bucket challenge – I don’t know anyone who didnt go out and buy ice – great awareness campaign!

What’s your top social media tip?

Patience and consistency. Going viral is not a social media strategy for any business owner.

Posting consistently on your channels and having patience to grow it week on week will help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Don’t rush it for the blue tick or 1,000,000 fans – it’s never worth it in the end.

What does your average working day look like?

Managing the UK and Ireland Market for Agorapulse means I wear many hats on a daily basis. A typical day for me looks like this:

  • Review all ads performance data and optimise
  • Schedule and review content going out on the Agorapulse Uk social channels
  • Outreach to help form new partnerships and event sponsors
  • Nurture our existing ambassadors to help give them the tools to succeed
  • Create new content and campaigns to increase awareness of Agorapulse in the UK and Ireland

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