Interview with Jenny Brennan, Senior Director of Sales at Agorapulse

We interview Scott Ayres, Jenny Brennan – Senior Director of Sales at Agorapulse, sponsors of our Shortcut Summit. 

Agorapulse make social media easier to manage than ever before, by enabling you to schedule your content, get reports, and engage followers with one simple tool. They’re giving away one month free to Talented Ladies Club readers here.

What’s your career background?

I’ve worked in sales from the start of my career and have experience in many industries from Tourism to Insurance, social media marketing and now saas sales at Agorapulse for the last five years. I’m a big fan of always learning and added a QTT and NLP certification to my Business degree recently.

Why do you enjoy working at Agorapulse?

I really fell for the story and the mission at Agorapulse. Having been involved in some way for the last eight years, the people are what brings the mission alive. We have a healthy culture where we are encouraged to bring our ideas and talent to the conversation, which makes for exciting outcomes.

What makes Agorapulse different?

What makes us different is a great question, and depends what you are comparing to! I’d say the team here have worked hard to make sure people are heard. Back to the culture, I’d say it is the safest place I’e worked in that there is no ego in what we do and how we work, just a spirit of interpreneurship and the company encourage growth. That is not always the case in many companies.

What’s the biggest slip up you’ve ever seen a company make on social media?

Ooh! Good one too. I don’t know if I am allowed to say 😉 I’d say the biggest slip up is to ignore your audience. That is why we created the world’s best inbox to help you manage those conversations quickly and look good doing it!

And the cleverest social media campaign?

Now you are testing me. As head of sales I spend my time working behind the scenes and have to say I don’t consume as much as I used to. Brands who use story are awesome. I love how Mailchimp feature their successful customers.

What’s your top social media tip?

I know this will sound trite, but really just be yourself and allow your team to be themselves all within your brand voice. At the end of the day we are marketing to humans – not robots.

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