Interview with Julie Morgan from Another Mother

Last year we interviewed Julie Morgan about her (then) new venture Working Mums Club. Now Julie is back, with a refreshed brand, new name and a re-launch. Find out what’s been happening with her venture, now called Another Mother.

So, what’s been happening with all this name-changing, new-branding malarkey?

Well, it’s all the fault of the Mums Enterprise ladies. I attended one of their first events – they run exhibitions for mums looking for flexible working – in 2016 when very pregnant.

I had toyed with the idea of exhibiting but didn’t really have a clear vision of my business so felt unable to publicly declare what it was I was offering. When the opportunity came up again in 2017, I couldn’t let it pass me by so signed up when still on maternity leave. It was terrifying.

That spurred an insane month of activity which involved a name change, from Working Mums Club to Another Mother, a full rebrand – twice (turns out if you buy cheap, you buy twice), putting together my key coaching courses and a lot of fun with the designer developing the marketing materials. We went to town with it and had a sweetie stall, postcard board and a mountain goat on our flyers.

So the exhibition was your relaunch?

Yes and it was such a brilliant day. I loved every minute. To be able to have that many back-to-back chats with so many inspiring women was a tremendous experience.

I met loads of fantastic exhibitors with potential for partnerships. And it was a wonderful way to present myself to the world with nowhere to hide!  What a way to come out of maternity leave and get the ball rolling.

So, what’s next for Another Mother?

We’ve loads of stuff going on. The monthly meetings will continue in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire and we’re exploring the options of hosting meetings in London and other areas around the South-East.

In addition, we’ve got our key programmes – the Boost Your Business Group coaching programme and 1-2-1 Business Focus which we’re working hard to get off the ground. Plus we’re starting Masterclasses which will be half day sessions on specific topics. That and keeping the Facebook community active and getting the new website up – it’s all quite busy!

There are a lot of business coaches and courses out there – what makes you different?

We address three key areas throughout the coaching – the business, the customers and the business owner. And it’s how we manage the personal and mental journey that I think helps us to stand apart.

How we perceive ourself matters, as that is how our customers will perceive us. And I see Mums coming to our meetings again and again, who really want to set up a business, but don’t quite ‘own’ it. We help them to step up and into the role of entrepreneur, and to embrace the fears, discomfort, vulnerability and all the other stuff that can make us feel rather shaky at the beginning of a new venture.

Basically, we get them a little bit sassy-pants! Plus we have lots of business know-how, expert input and a fabulous community of like-minded Mums providing virtual high-fives and ‘whoop-whoops’ when you get your first sale.

What advice would you give mums thinking about setting up their first business?

Okay, first and foremost, be kind and loving to yourself throughout this process. Particularly when we’ve just come back from maternity leave or a period of time off with the kids, we need to find ways to boost our confidence and nurture our self-belief.

Secondly, make a pact with yourself that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, vulnerable and afraid. Because you will. A lot!  And that’s okay because a new venture goes hand-in-hand with these emotions. Tell yourself you’re going to push ahead with your vision and make some space for vulnerability and fear – think of them as your new friends.

And finally, go forth with an ethos of experimentation and trust. Business is a series of calculated guesses. We stick stuff out there and see if it works, then repeat and repeat. I promise you the business you set out today will be different in six months’ time and six months after that. Just go with it – put the stuff that doesn’t work to the side and keep going.

Another Mother is a business support hub for mums, getting mums focussed, confident and a little bit kick-ass. Find out more about coaching programmes, masterclasses and more on their website.