Insight on gaming: Top casual recs for women

When it comes to the gaming industry, it’s still typically considered a ‘male’ sector. In reality, women have been part of gaming trends for decades.

Even as early as 1980, professionals like Dona Bailey were contributing to hit arcade games like Centipede. Today, women populate the rosters of major eSports teams (co-ed and female-only), contribute to hit releases like BioShock, and join boardroom meetings with the likes of Nintendo.

Clearly, women are an important component of the gaming industry – and this will only continue to expand as gaming remains the focus of the entertainment sector. But what about the types of games that women are playing today? Over the last five years, casual mobile games have taken off – and women have helped put them on the map. 

Overwhelmingly, data that focuses on the top casual games from the Google Play and Apple App Stores highlight how much women love this category. Compared to other games, casual titles are designed to be easy to learn, easy to pick up and play for short periods and include a social dynamic.

If you’ve never ventured into the world of gaming and feel a little intimidated by starting out, then we’ve got a few recommendations for you. All titles can be accessed straight from your smartphone and are designed for easy onboarding. Let’s explore!


Roulette is one of the world’s most popular casino games, renowned for its spinning wheel. Players simply place their bet on the numbered table, then watch the croupier spin the wheel to see if they’ve placed a winning bet.

The rules are straightforward for beginners, while the excitement level climbs with each spin. To access this game, simply shop around for a virtual provider that suits your roulette needs, making sure they have a mobile app for remote play.


This mobile game is a hit from 2021. It takes players into the shoes of a female character who is responsible for unpacking items and filling up her new home. The game covers distinct eras in her life, from the first episode in 1997 until the game concludes in the year 2018.

The gameplay is simple -just pack away the items in each room. But along the way, players are treated to a touching and surprising glimpse at the MC’s life story.

Child of Light

This mobile game is a role-playing game (or an RPG). RPGs might sound complex, but this popular genre simply portrays characters on long and involved missions, usually with plenty of side quests. They’re designed for immersion.

In Child of Light, players must guide the protagonist, Aurora, as she seeks out the sun, moon, and stars to defeat the Queen of Night. The game includes stunning visuals and yet another worthy story, while its gameplay is easy enough for anyone to enjoy.


Simulations are some of the most popular games in the casual category. As the name suggests, simulations recreate mundane activities. One of the most popular types of sims is home decoration and design.

If you enjoy putting together a perfectly accented room, then Floorplanner has plenty of challenges to keep you entertained. The game includes dozens of formats and setups while also avoiding microtransactions that force players into spending.

A Normal Lost Phone

As mentioned above, simulations are usually quite popular as mobile games. But so are visual novels and mystery challenges. A Normal Lost Phone combines the intrigue of both.

Players step into a puzzle that requires them to dig into the phone that they’ve found in order to return it to its owner. But the game takes players to unexpected places, exploring themes like wellness and identity as they delve into the stranger’s phone.

Choices: Stories you play

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the realm of visual novels and interactive novels. These types of casual games allow players to decide on the MC’s course of action. Some games are more highly complex than others, including Choices. Choices is all about customization and diversity of storylines. Players can unlock new chapters and stories every week, which means this game functions almost on a subscription.