How to improve your energy and mood – part two

Research shows that water crystals change according to the stimuli they’re exposed to. So what does that mean for us? And how can we learn to change our world to one of positivity and light?

Last week we shared some ideas of how you can give your home an autumn energy clean to help restore balance, and release any negative energy that might have accumulated – ready for the winter ahead.

This week, in the second of our five-part series on keeping your energy and mood positive, Kate Phillips from Daring & Mighty explains how adopting a mindset of love and gratitude can have a very real effect in yourself and the people and world around you.

How water is affected by outside stimuli

In his New York Times bestselling book The Hidden Message in the WaterJapanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto shares his amazing exploration of water and how it changes on a molecular level.

After studying water, the most receptive of the four elements, for many years, Dr Emoto came to the astonishing realisation that water has the ability to copy information.

Dr Emoto developed temperature-controlled experiments that enabled him to photograph water under a microscope and view its crystalline molecular structure. And he observed that the crystals of water actually change according to the stimulus to which they are exposed.

In his experiments, Dr Emoto exposed water to spoken words and words that were typed, as well as music, pictures and videos. After it was crystallised, the water’s response was truly incredible – and in many cases beautiful. (You can learn more about the experiments and see pictures of the water crystals exposed to different stimuli here.)

What does this mean for us?

So what does that mean for us? Given that that our bodies are made up of 60% water, the implications to ourselves and the planet are profound.

Dr Emoto’s findings give us good reason to consider what feelings and vibrations we are exposing ourselves to. How might your thoughts and words be affecting your experiences, or those around you – your partner, children, colleagues and clients? And how may they be affecting your physical being?

Maybe it’s no surprise that Dr Emoto was able to create the most beautiful crystal of all with the words ‘love and gratitude’.

Start changing yourself and others with positive thought

So often we’re told to be careful of how we think and feel because ‘thoughts become things’. And here is compelling evidence that indeed the thoughts, emotions, words and actions we expose ourselves and others to can have a profound effect on us.

All of which is excellent reason to make sure you uplift the vibration of your own body and mindset! So make a conscious effort to think positive thoughts, to speak words of love and encouragement, and surround yourself with people and stimuli that lifts you up, and makes you feel positive, empowered and loved.

After all, if we listen to and absorb what water has to say, our very lives and those of those around us will be transformed to ones of peace and love.

Katie Phillips is the founder of Daring & Mighty, an organisation committed to sharing the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself.