How women are shaking up the world of cryptocurrency

Is cryptocurrency just a man’s game? Absolutely not. Statistics show that, while, historically, only around 10% of crypto investors were female, things are on the move.

Recent data suggests that around one in five women are at least thinking of investing in digital money. That is from a millennial sample, which means that statistics for Generation Z women may be even more inspiring.

Ultimately, assuming that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are purely reserved for male investors is extremely short-sighted. You only have to take a look at some of the leading women in crypto investing who have emerged as household names in the past few years.

As crypto continues to push into the mainstream, it is women, not just men, who are helping to propel it. But how, specifically, are women helping to change crypto for the better?

Read Roya Mahboob’s story

One of the most prominent and important names in Bitcoin right now is Roya Mahboob. Having made her name as the leader of the Afghan Citadel Software Company (ACSC), she has continued to highlight that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency could help oppressed women in less fortunate societies.

Mahboob has continued to advocate for Bitcoin and to push her business in a male dominated world. This has led to her receiving threats from the Taliban – but thankfully, she never stopped pushing.

The creation of the Women’s Annex, and later the Digital Citizen Fund, helps women to learn about Bitcoin mining, coding and more. It is a company that strives to give young girls the skills they need to break through in industries which continue to lock women out. With cryptocurrency likely to grow even further in the years to come, Mahboob’s work will ensure that more women take their place at the forefront of the currency revolution.

More women are investing than ever before

While Roya Mahboob continues to introduce women and girls into the world of digital currencies, interest from female investors continues to spike in the West.

As a result of fighting back against sexism in the workplace, as well as in the world of investment in general, a number of high-profile movements are continuing to inspire women to take up investment and adoption of Bitcoin and more besides.

Organisations such as Collective Future, which pushes for diversity in blockchain adoption and mining, are helping to encourage crypto businesses to focus on diversity in their hiring strategies. With more women finding the world of cryptocurrency alluring, it makes sense that companies start to hone their sexist and outdated hiring policies.

Cryptocurrency is inherently diverse. By design, there are no boundaries. It is open and flexible for anyone, anywhere, to get involved. Providing you have a smartphone or a PC to start setting up digital payments and transactions, there is nothing in the way. Therefore, it makes even less sense for women to be prevented from becoming involved.

Does cryptocurrency have a female future?

Cryptocurrency is hugely inspiring. Thousands of people, some women included, are making millions from shrewdly investing in Bitcoin and the like. Women all over the world are making a significant profit from crypto investments – and why shouldn’t they?

Bitcoin investing is not completely anonymous but there are ways to buy Bitcoin with credit card and no ID. There are no entry or profile requirements for you to set up a digital wallet and to head to an exchange. Also, catching up on crypto news is always a good practice even for beginners – it’s free and may help you learn more about the ins and outs of the crypto world quicker.

Many women are making profits on their own initiative, and it’s thanks to the online, private nature of trading offering zero boundaries. Therefore, there may be many male investors who will be surprised to learn of Bitcoin’s genuine demographics. 

This is why there is such a push for investment firms and bodies to start thinking carefully about who they are bringing into their folds. There continues to be a push for female hires across a variety of industries, of course – and it will be particularly interesting to see how women can shape the future of crypto investments in the years ahead.

There’s nothing stopping women from leading the cryptocurrency industry

There is absolutely nothing stopping women from emerging as leading investors in the Bitcoin game. Crypto is free and flexible. Anyone can learn how to code, how to mine, and how to invest in their own time. There are few opportunities out there quite as broad-reaching, and as wide open, for women to get involved in and to make a difference.

In the years to come, as crypto continues to push into the mainstream, it will be empowering to see how many female investors are leading the way. If trends are anything to go by, there might eventually be a higher percentage of female investors than many might imagine.

Photo by André François McKenzie