How we’ll help you discover an exciting new you in 2016!

Every January we make New Year resolutions – determined that THIS is the year we finally lose weight, commit to the gym or make that exciting career change.

And what usually happens? We start out with good intentions, which gradually get lost in the hard-to-break habits of our busy daily lives.

But not this year.

This year, you’ve got us on your side! To help make 2016 your year, we’ve planned an entire month of articles, offers, classes and support to help you make that positive change once and for all. So if you really want to be the best version of you – or even just slightly better – this is your chance to do it.

How to create a vision for the new you

To get started, we recommend that you think about what you actually want to change. Do you enjoy your lifestyle? Your career? Do you want to adopt healthier habits or better thought patterns? Do you wish you were more effective, calm, creative?

If you could describe the ideal you, what would that person look and sound like? Give yourself a deadline – six months or a year’s time, say – and think about what you want your life (and you) to look like then. Describe your daily life, and even draw a picture of what you look like. The more real your vision of what you want to achieve, the easier you’ll find it to get there.

Then, when you have that vision, keep reading our site – and look out for our emails (if you haven’t signed up for our mailing list, you may want to now as we have lots of exciting things to share with you!).

Now read these articles

In the meantime, we recommend reading the following articles:

Three of them are devoted to helping you get the basics of goals right – recognising and overcoming excuses and creating successful strategies – and the fourth is simply about happiness, and how you can get more of it (something we can all benefit from!).

What can you read on our site in January?

Throughout January we’ve planned a host of articles designed to help you kick off the new year in style. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to:

  • Learn how to increase your EQ for more professional and personal success.
  • Read five New Year marketing resolutions you’ll find it easy to keep!
  • Find out why you should start the year with a marketing plan – and seven stages it needs to include.
  • Suffering from career burnout? Find out how to recover from it.
  • Learn about our experiences with Strengths Coaching – and how it’s helped our business.
  • Read business tips from Sophie Cornish – co-founder of NOTHS.
  • And discover five secrets of successful businesses.
  • Looking for a new job? Read nine CV writing tips to help you find the perfect role.
  • Get tips on how to organise your office for maximum productivity this year.

Join our first career course!

We’re also launching our first career course in partnership with Inspired Mums. This eight-week email class has been designed so you can easily work through it in your own time. We’ll show you how to identify your skills, passions and value, unblock any barriers holding you back and plan and successfully implement a creative job search.

The course launches later this month and is limited to just 40 spaces. If you’re on our mailing list we’ll let you know when enrolment opens. In the meantime, you can download our new free printable – 25 steps to getting the career you deserve – right now.

Join our monthly challenge and grow your web traffic

Since we launch Talented Ladies Club in April 2013, we’ve increased our readership from 0 to almost 40,000 unique visitors a month. And now we’re sharing our strategy in our first monthly Kickstart challenge this January.

We’ll show you exactly how we did it (our strategy is so simple anyone can follow it) so you too can grow your web traffic without spending money on advertising.

Our new monthly challenges consist of:

  • Each one starts with a live online class (the video will be uploaded to Kickstart to watch when you have the time and headspace).
  • You’ll download a challenge sheet with weekly tasks for you to complete. It will also ask you to measure your current progress and set goals.
  • We’ll upload any new workbooks you need to complete your challenge.
  • We’ll also start an ongoing thread in our private Facebook group for each challenge, so you can share progress, ask questions and support each other.
  • Every challenge will remain on Kickstart once the month is over. So you can re-tackle it whenever you need to.

To join this and the rest of our monthly challenges (plus get access to over 100 workbooks, courses and videos and daily support) you’ll need to join our membership club Kickstart. You can find out more about our club here.

(Our web traffic challenge starts later this week, so you still have time to join the club and start it with the rest of our members if you’re quick!)

Here’s to an exciting 2016 for all of us!

We can’t wait to unveil some more of the fantastic things we’ve got planned for you this year. In the meantime, we hope your working year gets off to a flying start, and that 2016 sees the realisation of all your dreams.

Download your free career printable now.