How to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want

Wouldn’t it be good if all you had to do to get what you want was to imagine having it? Actually, it may be just that simple when you use the Law of Attraction.

Career transition coach Natalie Ekberg explains how the Law of Attraction works, and how you can use it positively to get closer to your desired outcome in any situation.

How our misconceptions lead to unhappiness

From my experiences with clients, I know that often the reasons behind our unhappiness at work stems from our own misconceptions and pre-conceived ideas. Phrases like:

  • “I can’t approach him, because I know, I just know he’ll yell at me! He ALWAYS does!”
  • “I can’t discuss the pay raise, because they NEVER listen to those demands.”

I sometimes think that the words always and never should be eradicated from the dictionary as they get overused!

Start doing something different

To those of you who have been through too many bad experiences to believe that things can be done differently, I would like to recommend something new.

You may well be familiar with the Law of Attraction to a certain extent, but are you putting your knowledge to use? And if so, are you doing it properly and, more importantly, are you doing it on a regular basis?

One aspect that you are possibly the most familiar with is the very basic premise of the Law of Attraction – as you plant, you will reap (or what you think about will come about).

However, I would like to introduce you to the concept of ‘setting an intention’. It will take the way you use the Law of Attraction to a whole new level.

Three steps to using the Law of Attraction

So how exactly do you use the Law of Attraction to get what you want? It’s as simple as following three steps.

1) Prepare

At this stage, you will do what is so typical for the Law of Attraction – you will begin at the end. You will imagine and set an intention about the final outcome of the particular situation you desire.

Let’s say the situation is a very-dreaded conversation with your boss. Start by dreaming up how the conversation will go. Think of the smallest details – what you are wearing, what his mood is, what the overall atmosphere is like. Then, prepare your speech and decide how you want to feel when you talk to him. Confident? Strong? Unapologetic? The choice is yours.

Finally, decide the answer you are searching for and the way in which it will be delivered. In a nutshell, imagine this whole scene in advance and play it in your mind the way you want it to play out in reality.

2) Align

Now, your only job is to make sure that your subconscious mind is aligned with your conscious mind. Simply put, you have to believe the outcome you wish for can actually happen.

This is one important point about the Law of Attraction that gets forgotten. No matter how much you wish for  a better tomorrow, if you don’t actually truly believe it will happen for you then it won’t.

Technically, your new approach has a 50-50 chance of succeeding since you never tried it before, so what is there to fear? You might as well go with it and give it your all. I can promise you, the results will positively surprise you.

3) Go for it!

Decide which day and time you will execute your plan, book it and go for it! The most important part: on the designated day set your intention for how things will go and walk through it, step-by-step again. Then, take a deep breath, decide what you will get out of it and just do it.

Start using the Law of Attraction to get what you want today

I have helped my clients implement these strategies many times. While they didn’t always get exactly what they wanted straight away, they started the process and their desired outcomes came to them later on, or in a different form.

Nevertheless, one thing happened for all of them. Their situation improved significantly and they never looked back.

And the good news is you can apply this strategy to any situation as long as you follow the steps and, most importantly, approach the process with trust and enjoy it!

Natalie Ekberg is a global career transition coach, author and female entrepreneur.