How to use neon to advertise your business

Looking for an eye-catching way to advertise your business? Find out why you should consider a neon sign.

When it comes to any kind of business, being able to advertise it effectively to your audience is crucial. While many businesses are now turning to digital advertising and the online world, it’s still important to remember traditional methods of marketing and advertising. For businesses likes bars, restaurants, shops, gyms and more, being able to capture more footfall and interest from passers-by could make a huge difference.

If your business is situated in the middle of a bustling city centre or local high street, a neon sign hanging in the window or at the entrance could catch the eye of both new and returning customers. Neon Creations explains more about using neon to advertise your business effectively.

Make sure you’re buying real neon

Firstly, it’s so important that you do your research and fully understand what you’re buying, especially if you’re shopping online. There are a lot of online retailers who are selling ‘LED neon’. It’s crucial to remember that there is no such thing as LED neon and in most cases it’s actually just a sign made with LED lights.

Neon signs are created by hand, using harmless neon gas to fill glass tubes that results in an exciting and bright glow. LED signs are made completely differently and don’t have the same effect as neon, so be sure to check before you purchase anything.

How to choose a neon sign for your business

Neon signs are a safe addition to your business’ décor, and are made carefully by hand so that you can incorporate some fun and personality into your business premises. If the glass tubes break at any point, the electrical current is immediately cut off for your safety, although it is advised to display your sign somewhere with plenty of space around it for a reduced likelihood of breakage.

Quality neon signs have been known to last for years, and they aren’t that expensive to run. Most neon signs are no more expensive than the average household light. Together, these benefits mean that you can proudly display your neon sign all day and night if you wish! 

Wide choice of styles and designs

When it comes to choosing the design of your neon sign, the possibilities are almost endless. Many businesses will choose to put their branding up in lights, which can do wonders for brand awareness and really drive home who you are. Logos, taglines and even your business name can all look great in neon, helping passers-by to recognise you as well as making sure your premises stands out.

Similarly, you can get creative with neon signs by creating motifs, outlines and even quotes or song lyrics. This way you can really build on your business’ personality and character, giving off a great impression to customers whether you’re a café, shop or fitness studio.

Deciding where to place your business neon sign is also an exciting prospect. Many choose to display them in the window to grab attention, while neon signs can work just as well in an entranceway or lobby for a warm welcome. Alternatively, why not play around with neon signs used as directional guides for the bar or toilets, or as a backdrop for a dancefloor or gym class. 

When it comes to advertising your business, a neon sign can do wonders. Isn’t it time you got creative to bring in more customers?