How to use CBD in your training routine

Curious about the benefits of CBD? Find out how you can use it in your training routine.

Do you take pride in your healthcare routine? Do you watch what you eat, incorporate regular exercise into your daily life, and ensure you take the right vitamins and supplements?

Many people today who prioritise their health are embracing the new trend of cannabidiol, or CBD. Some are even adding it to their training routine.

If this is something you’re considering exploring, here are some ideas for using it and determining how it can best help you.

Using CBD as a topical agent

Some people use CBD as a topical agent directly on their skin. It can be used as a cream, lotion, ointment or oil that you can directly apply to your skin to soothe minor discomfort.

CBD creams and lotions absorb into dry skin quickly to help to nourish and moisturize it, and can be particularly beneficial during winter.

For athletes, CBD can be used to massage muscles after a strenuous workout, or if you have minor muscle discomfort following training or high impact activity.

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Using CBD as a chewable option

As well as creams, ointments and other topical agents, you can also use CBD as a chewable option.

Currently, the most popular chewable option of CBD oil is the gummies variety. These are deliberately made to be more appealing and to encourage you to take them – just as some supplements and vitamins are available in gummy form.

They are sweet and have a pleasing taste and can help to boost your body’s endocannabinoid system, which gives your dopamine and serotonin levels a boost.

Using CBD as tinctures

Tinctures are a more old-fashioned option for taking CBD oil, and is administered through a few drops that are placed under your tongue.

CBD tinctures are good for providing a calming effect when you prefer a more rapid absorption, instead of waiting for the effects of topical or chewable to work. It can also be added to your daily training routine as a soothing agent for overworked muscles.

CBD tinctures are made from CBD hemp and contain around 60-70% alcohol. Their main purpose is to ease aches associated with extensive workouts or give you a more calming feeling. They generally carry a long shelf life and can easily be absorbed when taken under the tongue.

You might find tinctures preferable to oils or other types of CBD ointments as they are faster acting and absorb in the bloodstream much faster. This is an option that has grown increasingly popular and can be found anywhere that offers CBD oil for sale.

If you are an athlete who is looking to improve your overall workout routine, then you might consider incorporating CBD – and want to experiment with the best option for you.

Photo by Bruno Nasciment