How to thank your mother

Our mother cares for us when we’re young, and shares advice and love throughout our lives. And sometimes it’s nice to say thank you.

Despite the fights and arguments you may have had with your mother over the years (especially your teenage years!), most people agree that their mom deserves the absolute best.

And yes, we have Mother’s Day once a year to celebrate everything they do for us. But that seems pretty paltry when you consider everything your mother has done, and continues to do for you.

So how can you let her know how much you appreciate her? What gestures will tell her how much you love and value her and everything she’s done?

We’ve put together some quick ideas for you. Some are MUCH larger (and more expensive) gestures that will only be appropriate at a particular time. But others are simple ways you can let your mom know how much you care every day.

A high-quality retirement home

As much as we’d all like to remain living in our home, there might come a time when your mother needs the care of a home. It might be that you’ll make this decision with her, or you might have to make it alone, on her behalf.

And the best way to thank your mother for caring for you is to repay it by choosing the best possible retirement home for her.

Retirement homes are specifically designed to help cater to her daily needs, giving her the amenities she needs to feel comfortable without any of the hassle of doing chores. But while all homes should care for her basic needs, there’s a vast difference in the quality of that care, the environment she’ll be living in, and the other amenities, activities and care available.

This could be the place where your mother will spend her final years, so it’s important to find the right place – one she will love and be well cared for.

There are homes all over the world to choose from. Whether you live in Paris in Europe, or Brisbane in Australia, there are hundreds of high quality options for you to choose from. The experts at say that a good retirement home will allow a person to live out their last years extremely happily, surrounded by other like-minded people that they can talk to daily.

Combine that with regular visits from you and the rest of your family and your mother should have a great time in her new home. Look into a high-quality retirement home if you want to say thank you to a mother who is getting older and having trouble around the house.

A flower arrangement

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can be seen as one of the biggest gestures. Giving flowers to your mom on her birthday or Mother’s day has become an expectation in society, and while it is a gift that she will appreciate, there are better times for this.

If you can, surprise your mother with flowers for no other reason than to say “Thank you”. 

Simply showing up for lunch one day with a bouquet of roses will go a long way towards making her feel loved and appreciated. Flowers don’t have to be expensive either. You can get some arrangements and bouquets for 20 dollars, or even pick them fresh from your own garden. If you want to say thank you in a small way, get your mom some flowers.

Take her out for dinner

It’s a fairly safe assumption that your mom probably spent a lot of time cooking lunches and dinners for you when you were young. So a great way to thank her today would be to give her the night off from kitchen duties and take her out to one of her favourite restaurants for a nice meal.

Once again, this is a small thing to do, but it sends a clear message to your mom that you care for her and are looking out for her. Take notice of what she likes to eat as you don’t want to take her somewhere she won’t like. Take your mom out for a nice dinner if you want to say thank you to her.

There are countless ways that you can show your mom that you care about her. Remember that these actions don’t always have to be large and cost thousands of dollars. Small things can be just as good a great way of demonstrating to her that you are thinking about her. So how do you plan to thank your mother?