How to take a great photo of yourself

Have you ever been frustrated after taking a photo of yourself? You want to take a good shot, but don’t know how. Find out how to take a flattering selfie.

Taking pictures has become a familiar part of our day-to-day life. Sometimes we take pictures to capture the moment and save it for posterity. Other times we take photos because we want to share them on social media with our friends and family, or even for business purposes.

Whatever the reason, you want the photo to be flattering! But sadly they don’t walkways turn out that way. Find out how to take a good photo of yourself.

Things to know before taking a picture

Before snapping away, there are a few things you need to know.

1) Familiarise yourself with your camera

Cameras come with great features – be it a smartphone or a professional DSLR. Learning and understanding how to use these features will help you get the best selfie poses. Some camera functions that you need to know are the following:

  • Shutter speed. It is an essential feature when you take photos of your subject that are in motion.
  • Aperture. This feature will partly determine how light your photo will be or its light exposure.
  • ISO. ISO will determine how bright or how dark your picture will be. As your ISO number goes higher, your photoshoot becomes brighter and vice versa. 
  • White Balance. This feature of the camera identifies the balanced color of the picture.

Many cameras we use today have an array of different camera functions. And if you are not familiar with your camera features, you will likely have a lower chance of taking good quality photos. If you want to learn more, you might want to search the internet for some useful guides depending on your specific camera type.

2) Use a tripod or selfie sticks

When you are all alone taking pictures of yourself, sometimes you find trouble taking pictures without holding your phone or any camera at all. Perhaps you may want to put the camera on the ground or place it somewhere stable like a stool, a table and then set the timer and shoot a single shot. However, that can be time-consuming and annoying at some point. 

Or, you might be taking selfies and still can’t get the view that you want because your hand is just too short. Well, these are just some of the reasons why you need a tripod or a selfie stick. Tripods are to provide secure support on your camera, holds it in the proper position, and helps you take several shots using a wireless remote shutter. It is a tool to get a better capture of your background view.  

3) Learn ways to edit your pictures

If you want to get the best out of your photos, you should know how to edit them professionally. Adjusting the brightness, contrast and removing blemishes will surely improve your picture shot. There is a wide range of applications and computer programs with features inediting photosending to more flattering pictures. You might want to discover and choose the most appropriate one for you.

If still, you can’t find these things helpful, then you might prefer to hire someone taking your pictures for you. Well, a professional photographer can be your best solution to get astonishing images.

Indeed, a picture tells a thousand stories. Put drama in your poses and learn to manipulate your camera excellently. Of course, your poses depend on the image you want to portray. Smile when you are happy and put emotions to convey the drama to the target audience.

Taking flattering photos of ourselves isn’t difficult when you know how. We hope you’ve found this article helpful.