How to succeed at Facebook ads after IOS 14

For many small businesses, the advent of IOS 14 all but killed off Facebook ads. Overnight their costs increased dramatically, while their tracking virtually disappeared.

But while IOS 14 has certainly brought new challenges to advertising on platforms like Facebook, many businesses are still successfully using it to acquire new customers and grow their sales.

To find out how, and what you might need to do if you want to advertise on Facebook, we interviewed Facebook ads specialist Jo Francis for an episode of our Get Rich Slow podcast:

  • How iOS 14 has changed Facebook ads.
  • What you need to track now to see how your ads are working. 
  • Why selling via your Facebook ads should be the last thing you think about.
  • And what you should REALLY be doing on Facebook instead.
  • Why you can’t rush building your Facebook ads funnel.
  • Why it is important to understand your customer lifetime value.
  • And what essential piece of marketing you need to come after your ads.

Listen to Facebook Ads with Jo Francis

If you interested in finding out how you can still successfully advertise on Facebook ads post-IOS 14, listen to the Facebook Ad episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Jo Francis here now!