How to store your most prized fashion possessions

We all have those prized possessions in our wardrobe that we stretched our salary to be able to afford.

And while, unfortunately, we might not have to wear our finest every day, it’s important not to just throw them in the back of your closet. Here are some tips on how to keep your most prized fashion possessions as glamorous as the day you bought them.  

Keep it clean

The most obvious thing to do before you store your clothes is quite simply to do your laundry.

You might think it’s okay to just pop on an outfit for a couple of hours while your friends are around or even for a quick Instagram photoshoot, and then put it straight back into your wardrobe. But even in that short amount of time (the clothes might have soaked enough sweat, or even worse, a stubborn food or drink stain), it could damage the clothes unless they’re cleaned quickly.

Make sure you follow the washing instructions on the label and visit the dry cleaner if necessary. 

Space them out

When you put your items away, it’s important to give them enough space. Don’t crush handbags with a few boxes of heavy boots on top.

Make the most of your space by installing multiple rails and shelves at different heights. Spacing out your items will also make them easier to spot when you want to get ready in a hurry. 

Rent a storage unit 

If you don’t have enough room to fit all of your items in your closet, then consider renting somewhere to keep seasonal items safe.

It’s important to choose climate controlled storage as the temperature can have a big effect on precious clothing. Too hot and the heat could break down clothing fibers. Too cold and the excess moisture could have a similarly damaging effect.

Make sure any clothes are protected from direct sunlight, as these could fade the colors of your garments. If you hire a climate controlled storage unit, you are in control of the temperature and humidity 24/7.

Choose one with good security that offers CCTV coverage to make sure they are in the safest place possible. 

Don’t cheap out

You’ve spent a lot of money on these items, so it’s just as important that you spend money protecting them. Invest in velvet or cushioned hangers rather than the cheaper metal or plastic alternatives. Keep clothes in zipped bags so you can easily remove them when needed but protect them from dirty fingers in the meantime. 

The most destructive threat to your clothing has always been from moths. Whether it’s the dark, closed environment of a closet or the dead skin cells or bits of food left on the clothing, moths will always be attracted to your clothing.

There are a number of products you can purchase to keep away moths, but the most effective way to keep them away is to keep your closet clean. Vacuum and dust regularly to make sure your clothing remains hole free. 

Photo by jordi pujadas