How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed – infographic

Life is full of stressful situations – and how you respond to them can make a big difference to their outcome. Learn how to stay calm with this infographic.

From preparing for a big job interview, to the daily homework battle with your kids, life is full of potentially stress-inducing scenarios. But just because a situation has the potential to be stressful, doesn’t mean you need to feel stressed before or during it.

Instead, by learning how to manage your emotions and remain calm, you can help to avoid or minimise them. So not only will you feel better, but you’ll retain more control over the situation, and are more likely to steer it to the result that you want.

In this infographic you can learn some simple strategies to help you deal with stress. You can also read more about managing your emotions in this article on emotional intelligence if you want to read further about coping better in difficult situations.


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