How to start a podcast for your small business

Thinking about jumping on the podcasting bandwagon to promote your small business? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Podcasts are a big deal these days, with people listening to them while working from home, in their car, while going for a run and on their commutes. More than half of Americans have listened to a podcast and nearly a quarter listened to one last week. 

And podcasts aren’t all just true crime and celebrity stories. There are many small brands that have made big steps in growing their audiences through podcasts, whether they produced one themselves or appeared on other people’s shows.

However, starting up a podcast can seem like a daunting challenge if you’re not familiar with what’s required to make it successful, and don’t have the best webinar software. has produced a guide packed with tips to help you get started.

Get the right topic

This is crucial. The podcasting market is already very busy, so if you don’t find your niche, you risk competing with established podcasts and struggling to get a foothold. Try and find a subject that is valuable, sticky (ie, interesting enough to hold people’s attention) and unique. What can only YOUR BUSINESS talk about with authority?

Plan them out beforehand

Some of the best podcasts sound like  they have been made up on the fly because they’re informal and fun, but these are most likely the ones that have been planned the most meticulously. Without an outline plan, your podcasts will ramble, lack focus and lose your audience’s attention, so map out timings for each segment and stick to them.

Launch with a bang

Promoting your podcast is really important if you want people to find it. A good tip can be to have 3-5 episodes ready to go before you start, launching them all on the first day to give people the opportunity to binge them as well as boosting your listening time and rankings.

Why not have a think about what your topic could be and check out the rest of these actionable tips to get you started on your road to podcast fame?

Photo by C D-X