How to show appreciation for your employees working from home

Looking to make your employees feel valued after a long and challenging year? In this article David Cooper, owner of the bespoke glassware company Forever Crystal, shares his top tips for making workers feel special and appreciated. 

There are many aspects that employees consider when choosing their dream job, from good pay, to location, to the work itself. But one thing that all employees have in common is the desire to feel valued in their workplace.

While you as an employer undoubtedly want this for your employees too, you may have found it difficult when remote working was introduced at the beginning of the pandemic. It can sometimes be a challenge to convey appreciation to your workers through a screen. 

However, the majority of the UK workforce would like to see a hybrid approach of home and office working in the future (ONS). So, you may want to consider introducing remote working as a permanent option for all employees. The good news is that it isn’t difficult to make employees working remotely feel valued once you find some methods that work for your business.

Simply use the following tips to make your workers feel appreciated and bring your employees morale to an all time high. 

Reward employees for hard work 

It’s easy for remote working employees to feel like their hard work goes unnoticed when there’s no one around to congratulate them. So don’t forget to show them that you recognise the hard work and dedication they’ve put into successful projects, by rewarding them with a gift, tangible recognition, or even just a simple thank you note.

The reward doesn’t have to break the bank — even something small, like a box of chocolates, flowers, or a set of tea light holders will show your employee that their work has been recognised and appreciated.  Or if you’d rather, gift them with an experience, such as an extra day of annual leave, or some drinks at the pub with their colleagues. 

Check in with workers regularly 

Show your employees that you’re still thinking of them when they’re not in the office by checking up on them regularly. As well as making your staff feel valued, it will remind them that they can contact you with any queries or concerns they may have. 

There are a number of ways to contact your employees, including via email, on your company’s instant messaging platform, and via video chatting. If possible, try to schedule a few meetings face-to-face in the office too. This is beneficial for both yourself and your employees in terms of socialisation in the workplace, as it’s always nice to see a friendly face during the workday! 

Introduce corporate gifting 

Make your employees feel valued by giving out gifts for major events, such as birthdays, weddings, or major religious holidays that they celebrate, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Eid. As well as making your employees feel valued, it will show them that you see them as human beings, and far more than just workers. 

There are a number of gifts you can give your employees that vary in size and price, from small gifts such as flowers, to larger gifts like crystal glassware or a voucher for a meal out. If you want your present to be extra special, opt for something personalised for your staff, such as an engraved wine glass or champagne flute, along with a bottle of their favourite wine. 

Host online meetups and events 

Keep staff engaged with the company and strengthen the bond of your team by hosting regular online meetups. Not only will this keep your staff connected, but it will strengthen the morale of the team too. 

There are a number of fun ways to host online meetups. You could become a quizmaster and put your employees general knowledge to the test. Or if your team are up for a challenge, you could do a virtual escape room from the comfort of your own homes. And for a more simple option, a catch up over a drink is always a great way to boost morale and make staff feel appreciated. 

Making your staff feel valued is one of the best ways to both retain employees and create a positive workplace culture. If you use the tips above, your staff should feel appreciated and enjoy their job even more.