How to set up a Ltd company as a freelancer

You may have made the decision to bill your freelance clients as a Ltd company. If so, you’ll need to register your freelance Ltd company with Companies House.

Once your Ltd company has been registered, you will get a Certificate of Incorporation that shows your company number and date it was formed. This is proof that your company legally exists.

What do you need to register a freelance Ltd company?

To register your Ltd company with Companies House you’ll need:

  • Your company’s name and registered address.
  • At least one director.
  • At least one shareholder.
  • Details of your company’s shares (this is called the ‘memorandum of association’).
  • Rules about how the company is run (the ‘articles of association’).

How do you register a freelance Ltd company?

You can register your Ltd company with Companies House:

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

You can register your Ltd company yourself online. It will take 48 hours and cost you £15, and you can pay by debit card, credit card or Paypal. You can also register your application by post. This will cost £40 and take 8-10 days. You’ll need to pay by cheque, made out to ‘Companies House’.

If you wish, you can get a same day service by post, as long as your application is received by Companies House by 3pm. This will cost you £100.

Setting up a freelance Ltd company through an accountant or formation agent

The easiest way to set up a freelance Ltd company is through an accountant or agent. They will fill out all your forms and submit them to Companies House for you. How much this costs will depend on your accountant or agent, but as an example, Your Company Formations Ltd offers Company Registration Packages from £12.48. 

Some accountants charge their fee upfront, while others will include them in a monthly fee programme.

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