How to reduce fuel costs for a more eco-friendly business

Do you manage a business with a fleet of vehicles? Find out some steps you can take to reduce your fuel costs and be more eco-friendly.

For businesses that make use of road vehicles, fuel can be one of the most significant costs to deal with. It’s an essential expense to keep vehicles on the road and you don’t have any control over how much it costs.

While you might be able to find cheaper providers, they’re not always practical options. However, there are ways to reduce fuel costs, saving your business significant amounts of money. Not only will it save money, but many of the steps you take can make your business greener too.

If you want to move toward being more eco-friendly as a company while saving money, examining your fuel expenses is a must.

Use GPS fleet management

If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, the use of telematics is one of the best ways you can save money. You can monitor your drivers’ routes and driving patterns, as well as their fuel consumption. This gives you the data that you need to make better decisions about your drivers and vehicles.

There are plenty of different options if you want to partner with a telematics provider. Choosing one of them will also make it easier to comply with any regulations regarding the use of your vehicles and eco-friendly requirements.

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Plan efficient routes for your drivers

The routes your drivers take can make a significant difference to how much fuel they use. Whether they’re using company vehicles or their own, you can help them save more fuel by planning more efficient routes.

If you’re looking for the right tools to help you do this, choose job management software that you can use to manage a broad range of tasks. As well as using it to plan efficient routes for drivers, you can use it to assign jobs, keep digital records, manage customer relationships and much more. Efficient driving routes will save fuel and save time for employees too.

Maintain your vehicles

Vehicle maintenance is key if you want to save fuel. When a vehicle is well-maintained, it’s more fuel-efficient. Not only that, but preventive maintenance will help you save money on repairs too. Regular maintenance should be carried out to prevent issues that can result in higher fuel consumption.

For example, inadequate tire pressure or word tire tread could mean higher fuel consumption. Additionally, your vehicles are less safe with tires that aren’t maintained. If your workers are using their own vehicles, you can provide help with keeping them maintained.

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Train your drivers

Driver training is also necessary if you want to save fuel. When drivers receive training on how to drive carefully and efficiently, you could see fuel consumption drop. On top of that, it can lead to less wear and tear on vehicles.

One thing you can instruct drivers to do is avoid unnecessary idling. In some situations, it may make sense to leave their engine running for a few seconds. But for longer periods, they should be aiming to avoid idling.

Reducing fuel costs not only saves your business money but is a great move to become a greener business too.