How to protect yourself from snooping bosses when working remotely

Worried your employer is taking too keen an interest in what you’re up to? Here’s how to protect yourself from snooping bosses when working remotely.

Do you feel like you’re being watched all the time at work? If so, you could be right. And that’s because the widespread adoption of remote working tools has given bosses more chances to read your messages, scan through your emails, and even check your location. 

But is all this legal? And what can you do to protect your privacy when working from home? Surfshark has the answers. Its team of researchers has created an infographic explaining what your boss can see when you’re working from home.  And it reveals some secrets and tips on how to shield yourself from online snooping.

Researchers looked at the most downloaded remote working apps during the last 18 months, including  Slack, Zoom, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams. 

As you probably know, all these apps have some monitoring functions to allow bosses to track your productivity levels. In fact, this is a big part of their selling point And it’s perfectly reasonable to expect companies to evaluate employee performance. After all, they’re paying you to do a job and hit targets.

But did you know that your boss could read every message you’ve ever typed out in Slack, including the private ones you sent to your best-work buddy after the last horror meeting? 

Oh dear! 

Then again, this isn’t much of an issue for those who’ve located Slack’s message retention function. This handy tool has a setting to delete all messages after 24 hours.

And that’s just one of the little tricks you can do to protect yourself from prying eyes and overzealous bosses. Discover all rest of them in the infographic below.

Photo by Darius Bashar