How to prepare for university

Are you or a child heading off to university soon? If so, read on for tips on how best to prepare for this exciting life stage.

University is a huge step that can change your life as you know it, so it’s absolutely vital that you can take the time to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and financially for the many ups and downs that are soon to head your way.

Thankfully, figuring out how you can get yourself ready for university in the most effective manner doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might initially imagine, as this guide contains a variety of simple steps and handy hacks that you can make the most of to thoroughly prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then keep on reading to discover some of the best steps that you can follow now so that you can truly make the most of your university experience

Sending off your application 

The very first step that you need to follow if you want to attend university is to send off your application, and this can be a really tricky and confusing process that many people struggle with desperately.

Failing to fill out and send your application using the best of your abilities could stop you from going to university altogether, as you need to use this as an opportunity to express all of your positives and selling points so that you can convince your chosen university to accept you with open arms.

Choose the most suitable course for your unique needs by attending open days and reading through lecture descriptions so that you can get a better idea of what will be taught, as you need to be certain that you have managed to find the best course for your individual requirements.

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to start the application process – you will no doubt need to follow a number of steps to apply successfully, filling out countless forms while providing a seemingly endless amount of information. This can soon become confusing, so take things slow and always double check the data you enter before you choose to submit it.

The biggest and likely most important feature that contributes massively towards the success of your university application is your personal statement, as this is an opportunity for you to sell yourself like never before while explaining why you should be given a place on the course that you have chosen.

Personal statements need to be interesting, informative and unlike any other application received, as the best way to ensure you can be considered for a place is to grab the reader’s attention and force them into recognising how well you stand out from the crowd.

Make sure that you include all of your major selling points, skills and any notable past experiences such as charity work that could further convince a university that you are a more than worthy candidate for their courses. 

Packing your bags 

When you receive your successful application back, it’s time to start packing your bags so that you can transfer your life from your hometown to your new study city.

Most first year students choose to live in the accommodation provided by the university, which could be something that you would like to explore in order to increase your chances of making new friends that you can spend time with outside of university hours.

However, this isn’t always an option especially if you attend a smaller university with a more limited budget, so you may need to find a rented flat or house nearby to act as a suitable replacement.

It doesn’t matter what kind of accommodation you choose, it’s more than likely that it’s going to be somewhat small and cramped in comparison to the big family home you are used to, so do not overpack. Overpacking will cause your room or flat to become untidy and cramped before you have even moved in properly, leaving you unable to hear yourself think amongst the chaos of boxes and bags piled high around you.

It’s important that you can recognise what items can be classed as worthily when you are packing your bags, as you only need a few basics such as clothing, toiletries, books and entertainment (a laptop, television or gaming console is more than enough). Don’t worry yourself with any other items, as you can start to build your space over time to match your changing needs. 

Be more confident 

Struggling with low confidence levels can have a massive impact on your university experience, as you will no doubt force yourself into missing out on a vast number of different opportunities due to your lack of self assurance! In order to gain friends and get the most out of your lectures, you need to have the confidence to start a conversation or raise your hand without worrying about the reception or reaction that will follow.

University is a totally individual journey that relates to your own actions and habits, so the more effort that you can put into becoming the best version of yourself, then the more likely you are to graduate with flying colours (and a smile on your face!).

Try your best not to fade into the background, as this may be a once in a lifetime experience – grab each and every day with both hands, and strut through the university corridors with your head held high knowing that you deserve to be there just as everyone else does. Even if you are shy, you should be able to find a group of people you can connect with.

It may be beneficial to see a therapist of some kind before you go to university if you are desperately struggling with your confidence levels, as this can ruin your further education like you wouldn’t imagine. 

Learning how to prepare for university has never been such a simple task when you can take the time to make the most of some of the brilliant tips and ideas that have been carefully described above! It’s always going to be a little nerve wracking when you move to a new environment with new people and different expectations, but you’ll be able to settle in as fast as ever with these excellent ideas.

Photo by Abby Chung