How to plan a stress-free camping trip with kids: A mom’s guide

As moms, we know how fast time flies and how quickly our children grow up. That’s why it’s important to cherish every moment, no matter how small. 

Camping is one of those moments that create lasting memories. However, you want to create a memorable experience without feeling like you’re constantly putting out fires. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide on planning a stress-free camping trip with your kids. 

Make a packing list 

You’d need to bring the basics, such as clothing, safety, and shelter before you can think about the other accessories. These include tents, sleeping bags, pillows, a first aid kit, warm clothing, flashlights, toilet paper, backup phone battery chargers, etc. 

We recommend bringing a portable power station for camping to charge all your devices and small appliances. This machine can power your lights, camping stoves, portable AC units, fans, smartphones, and other electronics. 

Choose the right destination 

We recommend choosing a well-known campground with plenty of amenities that appeal to children, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and campfire rings. 

You can also decide based on the activities when looking for the type of campground you’d like to visit. Many sites provide opportunities to hike, swim, and fish, giving you ways to keep them entertained. 

Keep your kids entertained 

Once you’ve decided on the destination, it’s time to begin planning what you’ll do during your downtime. 

We’ve rounded up several fun activities for kids, guaranteed to create lasting memories: 

  • Build a campfire: Get your children fired up for an evening by the firepit. Have your kids collect small twigs and use a match to light the tinder. Once you’ve started a fire, you camp out, share ghost stories or whip up some toasty s’mores! 
  • Take a hike: Hikes keep your kids active and connected to nature. Find easy trails and go over safety tips with your kids. 
  • Go on a scavenger hunt: Create a list of items, then hide them and create clues to find them. Add a bit of excitement by having a prize for the winner, such as a special treat or toys. 

Plan meals and snacks 

Between all the calories burned from hiking and running around in the wild, it’s easy for the young kiddos to get hungry every few hours. 

Make sure to have an arsenal of quick and simple camping snacks and meals. Here are a few ideas for your trip: 

  • Campfire popcorn: Heat popping corn in a cast iron skillet over the campfire or grill. Make sure to add cooking oil and butter. 
  • Grilled PBJ&B: Add pizzaz to this classic. Toast the bread before adding peanut butter, jelly, and sliced banana. 
  • Camping Pizza: Use a cast iron pan or a camping stove to whip up a pizza. Prepare the toppings and dough at home or use pre-made crusts or flatbreads. Cook the dough on the grill, then add the sauce and toppings you like. Once the crust is crispy and the cheese has melted, you can eat! 

Plan a wonderful camping adventure

With lots of beautiful mountains, stars, fire, and wild places, it’s almost impossible for your kids not to have a good time. Camping teaches our kids valuable life skills such as independence, problem-solving, and resilience. 

Once you’ve planned your trip, you can bask in the gratitude of spending time with your family in the great outdoors. 

Photo by Chris Holder