How to plan a brilliant night in

Fancy a fun night, but can’t be bothered (or afford) to go out? Find out how to plan a brilliant night in.

Staying home is the new going out. No more pushing your way to the bar or booking a taxi; you can invite your girls over and enjoy the evening inside. In fact, three out of four people say they would rather stay in than go out, but rather than cancelling all your plans, why don’t you make an evening of it? 

According to Anna Comerford, Creative Manager at Pink Boutique, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of dressing up even when you’re just staying home. Confidence can come from the clothes we wear, and sometimes, everyone can use that extra boost.

From chore couture to inviting your friends over, there’s plenty of opportunity to look your best without leaving the house. So, grab your curlers and turn the music up.

Whether you’re trying to save or don’t fancy a crowd, staying in is the way forward. Switch the ballroom for the living room and get dressed in homebody chic. But what is the perfect dressing up to stay in style, and how do you host the best stay-at-home evening for you and your friends? 

Why you should dress up to stay home 

We’ve all had those moments where we are mid-make-up and just not feeling ourselves. Maybe your hair isn’t going right, or you just don’tfancy facing the crowded dance floor tonight – we’ve all had that angry meltdown over our lashes not gluing correctly, right?  

Instead, drop the speed dressing and spend that extra bit of time getting ready to stay home. Embrace the living room glamour and put on your favourite outfit – not only one you think will look best in the club, but the one you feel your most confident in – because, yes, dressing in your favourite clothes can help improve your mood.  

What you should wear for a night ‘out’ at home

First, you should start by wearing your favourite going-out outfit. This will get you in the mood for the evening. Not only should this be aconfidence-boosting piece of clothing, but it might also bring back good memories and help lift your mood. This could be a mini dress from your last birthday or even a pantsuit which makes you feel fierce – whatever does the trick.  

Staying in doesn’t mean you have to avoid all glamour – don that sequin maxi dress with killer heels and enjoy your night. There is no point in your favourite stilettos hidden in the back of the wardrobe. Break them out to start breaking them in!  

And why limit yourself to just one outfit? Truthfully, you’re in your home. Invite your friends to bring wardrobe changes, and you can make a fashion show out of your night – you could even find your next going-out outfit by trying on new clothes or combinations in front of your girls.  

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean the cameras have to be away. Set up the garden with fairy lights or find a nice backdrop in your home to make a photo shoot of it. 

Three ways you can liven up an evening in

Who said you have to go out to have fun? There are plenty of things you can do at home which match the clubs and pubs’ scene. Here are three suggestions to liven up a night in, so you don’t feel you are missing out.

1) Get the music playing 

Music makes everything better. Whether you’re having a night in with the girls and wanting to replicate that club feeling by being your own DJ, sticking on some of your favourites can help.  

And since you’ll already be looking great, you might as well feel it, too. Shove on some feel-good music and make a moment of it, whether it iswith a bit of Taylor Swift or Harry Styles.  

Friends over? Pull out the karaoke. Whether you’re a team singing Dancing Queen or you steal the show with your own solo, there’s nothing like music to make an evening even better.  

2) Plan an activities night

Nothing feels better than spending time with the people you love, your girls included. Invite them over for an activities night, and you can help save some pennies without compromising fun. In fact, #girlsnight has 5.1 billion views, and growing, on TikTok, where you can find tonnes of ideas for your own at-home night. 

Fancy a bit of craft? Paint wine glasses together. You can then use these throughout the rest of your night and keep them as keepsakes. Entertainment and a gift! Or you can even have a pamper session and sleep-over, like how we did in school. Dress each other up and have some fun with your fashion for the evening before settling down.  

3) Get out the boards and booze 

And what is a stay-at-home party without the food and drink? Making charcuterie boards is all the craze right now. This girl dinner is to die for, with everyone having their own take on the wild and wonderful combinations. So, set your friends the task of bringing their own boards and adding a bit of spice back into the evening.  

Don’t forget to add cocktails, chasers, or canned soft drinks to the mix. You could even have rounds of making cocktails that replicate your lives, from reminding you of your ex to representing your jobs. 

Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Whether you’re enjoying girls’ night or showing off your wardrobe in an at-home fashion shoot, there’s plenty of reason to get dressed up to stay home.