How to pick the right apparel

The clothes we wear do more than keep us warm, comfortable and safe. They’re also a reflection of our personality and even status. So it’s important to choose the right apparel. 

Shopping for clothes isn’t new to any of us – most of us have been choosing and buying outfits for ourselves for as long as we’ve had access to our own money. But are there any tips for making sure we buy the right clothes?

After all, we spend a significant amount of money each year on clothes. And many of those outfits are destined to sit unworn in our wardrobes, making us feel guilty every time we look at them. 

So how can we ensure we buy the right items? The experts at Vlone have this advice to help ensure you pick the right apparel when you go shopping.

Know what suits you

We’ve all made the mistake of falling in love with an item of clothing we’ve seen someone, possibly a model, wear and buying something similar… only to discover we have a completely different body shape or complexion, and it looks awful on us. 

So an important starting point when shopping for flattering clothes is to understand your body shape and type, and what styles do and don’t suit you. Then being strict about only buying items of clothing that you know will look good on you. It doesn’t matter how much you may love a style on someone else, if it won’t work on you you probably will never wear it, and it could end up another expensive mistake. 

The same goes for colours. Work out what kind of colours suit your skin and hair, and stick within your ideal palette. If pastels wash you out, then avoid those tones. 

Be true to your own sense of style

Fashion trends may come and go, but you’ll always have your own personal sense of style. And this should be at the forefront when you shop for clothes. If you veer drastically from it on a whim – maybe tempted by a look on a mannequin in a store – you risk either ending up with an item of clothing you’ll never want to wear once you’re home, or that does’t go with anything else in your wardrobe. 

So when you shop, be clear about what you love and like wearing, and ensure you choose clothes that fit that aesthetic, and will complement what you already own. 

Buy pieces that you’ll get plenty of wear from

While you may be tempted to buy an expensive lime green, furry, designer jerkin in the moment, if it will only go with one pair of jeans you own, how often will you realistically wear it? 

So when shopping for new clothes, consider how well it fits with the rest of your wardrobe. How many outfits can you build with or from it? 

Also consider when you’ll wear it. If you’re about to spend a week’s salary on an expensive formal work outfit, think first how many meetings you normally go to in which you’d actually wear it. If the answer is one a year, ask yourself if it’s worth the investment. 

There’s nothing wrong with investing in quality pieces for your wardrobe, but consider the cost per wear before you splash out. Timeless pieces that aren’t likely to date quickly are often a better investment than a unique, on-trend piece that will fall out of fashion as fast as it hit the catwalks. 

Consider comfort

And finally, make sure that anything you but you’ll actually wear, and won’t simply admire it as a piece of art sitting in your wardrobe! If you can’t comfortably and easily walk in a pair of heels across the shop floor, what makes you think you’ll ever want to wear them for a day in the office?

Similarly, consider comfortable clothes you’ll get plenty of use out of, like the collections by Tyler the Creator Merch, rather than spending your money on items that may look good on a hanger, but feel uncomfortable on. 

And ensure the fit is right too. Convincing yourself you’re a size smaller than you really are won’t help when you have a wardrobe of clothes that you can’t breathe in, so never actually wear.