How to optimise your home office – and maximise your productivity

There has been a surge in remote workers over the past five years, and according to industry experts, we’re just seeing the tip of the remote work iceberg.

An increasing number of companies are hiring remote workers, and employees are enjoying increased autonomy and control of their days. 

If you work remotely, you’ve probably discovered that, while there are many benefits to working from home, there are also some unique challenges. And separating work life and home life is probably the biggest.

Many remote workers complain of never being able to switch off. And, with the use of modern technology, it’s true that remote workers can be contacted at any time of the day or night. Working across different timezones can further complicate this challenge. 

Another challenge remote workers frequently encounter is becoming distracted in the home environment. This is why it’s important to designate a dedicated office space and optimise it for productivity.

Some other tips include keeping office hours, decluttering, taking proper breaks, getting plenty of natural light, and turning off notifications on social media. 

This infographic from The Zebra offers some advice for organising your home office, staying productive, and setting boundaries for remote work. 

Home office organization