How to manage the constant flow of clothes for growing kids

Are your children continually growing out of outfits? Read on for ideas on how to manage the constant flow of new clothes.

As any parent knows, children can seem to grow overnight with sudden spurts that leave them with nothing suitable to wear. They are in constant need of new items to keep them comfortable and ensure that they have the clothes they need for whatever they enjoy doing.

It can be difficult to keep on top of the constant cycle of new and old clothes but having a proper system can help you to organize your kids’ clothes effectively. One of the key elements is having a plan for how to recycle the clothes that your children have grown out of. 

Recycling clothes is the best option for the environment and can help out those in need if you can find a recipient that will appreciate your child’s pre-loved items. If you are passing on clothes for another child to wear, make sure they are still in good condition without holes or stains, and ensure that they are labelled according to size.

Pass them down to younger siblings

If you have more than one child, this is a really easy way to recycle your older child’s clothing. Store outgrown clothes in clearly labelled containers so you can pull them out easily when your younger child gets to the right size and maximize the wear that each item gets.

Sorting used clothes by season as well as size will help you to rotate them into your younger child’s wardrobe as and when they are needed and ready to be worn. 

Organize a system with friends

If you have a friend with younger, or just smaller, children, then passing on your child’s used clothing can be a great way to share the burden of keeping on top of their clothing needs. Ideally, you could create a ‘chain’ whereby parents with children of different ages can all swap their outgrown clothing so that everyone can benefit from hand-me-downs. 

Donate them to charity

There are many ways to donate clothes to charity: you can donate to shelters and refuges that collect clothing for children who have had to flee their homes; take your clothes to a thrift store, such as Goodwill, where they can be sold on at bargain prices; many school districts organize collections of clothes to distribute to families in need.

How to keep your kids’ clothes looking good

You can also try and reduce the cycle of outgrown clothes by adopting some savvy buying habits and thinking carefully about the clothes your children need. By choosing items that can ‘grow’ with your children, you can reduce the frequency with which you have to replace them. 

For hard-wearing and long-lasting kids’ clothing, denim is a great choice that has many advantages. It is ideal for active children who want to play at the park, climb trees and embrace adventure whenever they get the opportunity. 

Denim is durable and washes well, making it a great choice for kids and parents, and there are plenty of ways to ensure that your kids’ clothing lasts for as long as possible. Buying a size up can work really well, especially with jeans that can be worn with a belt to ensure that they fit well as your child grows. 

Flexible clothes such as dungarees can also be a good choice as they can be adjusted as your child grows to get as much wear out of them as possible before they need replacing. Because it lasts well, denim can also be adapted to suit your growing children, by adding patches, turning jeans into shorts, or hemming them to make them fit for longer. 

With a little planning, it is easy to balance your kids’ clothing needs with your desire to recycle responsibly and reduce the amount of clothing your family gets through. You can keep your children’s wardrobes organized in a way that allows you to easily see which items can be donated, which can be recycled, and which can be passed on to friends and family.