How to make your old bathroom look new on a budget

Looking to makeover your bathroom but short on money? Here’s how to do it on a budget.

Bathroom remodeling is a humongous task. Not only does it require a lot of time, but also money. But not having time, patience, or budget to support bathroom remodeling doesn’t mean you have to live with your old bathroom. All you need is some creativity and budget-friendly know-how to transform your old bathroom into a new one within a blink of an eye. 

One option is to hire a general contractor who specializes in bathroom renovations. A skilled general contractor can provide valuable insights and suggestions to transform your bathroom within your budget.

A contractor can help you with tasks such as retiling, replacing fixtures, updating the vanity, or even adding a fresh coat of paint. With their expertise, you can give your bathroom a modern and refreshed look without the need for a full-scale renovation. Consider reaching out to a reputable general contractor Queens to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas and receive a quote for their services.

Read further to unearth some interesting ideas to make your old bathroom look new without breaking the bank.

Clean the grout 

Dirty and grey grout is enough to make your bathroom look ancient. Cleaning the grout is a good way of lightening up your bathroom. Line grout whitener over the old grout to lift the appearance and make your bathroom look clean and new. If you have colored grout, find a colored grout restorer. However, make sure to match the colors. You can also use a good quality grout cleaner to get rid of the dullness. 

If nothing works, reach out for professional services that arrive at your doorsteps with a steam grout cleaner and transform your bathroom into new within moments. Don’t worry, you will easily find a good service within your budget. 

Change the wallpaper 

Peel-and-stick wallpapers have made it possible to remodel any space without any help from professionals. Get removable wallpapers to create a Pinterest-worthy bathroom.

Instead of going with the same old patterns, select something quirky; anything that depicts your interests. For instance, if you love video games or have any favorite comic characters, put them on your bathroom wall. It is a good way of creating a space that resonates with your personality. 

Or you can also choose to keep it simple and classy by selecting wallpapers in muted or earthy tones. Make sure you choose wallpapers that could stand the test of high humidity. 

Upgrade the showerhead 

A simple and inexpensive thing like changing your showerhead can make a big difference. This change is capable of blowing a fresh gush of air into your old bathroom. 

Check out the market, and you will find yourself spoilt for choices. From industrial-style to vintage-inspired- you will have a million options to choose from. 

Add some accessories 

Adding texture to your bathroom with the help of accessories is a budget-friendly way of renovating your bathroom without having to renovate it. If the walls and floor of your bathroom are in muted tones, throw in some colors with the help of a rug, shower curtain, or wall art (no rule book says that you can’t have wall art in your bathroom). 

Or, immerse your bathroom in a Scandinavian vibe by bringing in some jute basket organizers and other accessories of the color of  the wood. 

Throw in some greens 

Plants in the bathroom add oodles of warmth and visual appeal. A few greens here and there can successfully lift the appearance of an old bathroom. 

Consider having large pots with tall plants on the floor if you have a large bathroom. It will instantly create an interest. Opt for small ceramic pots with pretty succulents or cacti if you have a small bathroom. 

If having real plants in the bathroom is not your thing, think of faux plants or small vases with faux flowers. It is a fuss-free and no-maintenance way of remodeling a bathroom. 

The bottom line 

Although you spend less time in it, it doesn’t mean you have to have a plain, dull, and boring bathroom. Use these hacks and create an interesting intimate space without splurging money. 

We hope these hacks help you to remodel your bathroom on a budget.